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Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident

Whether you’ve been involved in a car accident, slipped and fell on a wet surface in the supermarket, or experienced any other kind of accident that led to injury, contacting a personal injury lawyer is the best course of action to protect your claim and your rights. A personal injury lawyer is vital to winning your case when you take it to court.

Injuries from any accident are terrifying. It can be traumatic and devastating, for you and your loved ones .. Victims of accidents might have to endure life-long difficulties from accidents and in the worst cases, it can cost them their lives.

Fortunately, victims are entitled to get compensation from the at-fault party for medical bills, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and any other problems that might come because of their accident. However, many times victims are not aware of how far they can go to seek compensation nor the right amount that they can get.

Often, victims that were injured in an accident decide to proceed with their legal claims unrepresented by a lawyer. Leaving them at the mercy of the party of fault, insurance companies, and the overall legal system. .Normally one would go and fight for the most immediate damage restitution, without thinking about the long-term consequences nor the expenses that come from it.

To fully get compensation for any expenses already incurred as well as future ones, getting in contact with an experienced personal injury lawyer should be one of your top priorities. A professional personal injury attorney will stand by your side fighting tooth and nail for the compensation you deserve. 

The 10 reasons why you need a personal injury lawyer after an accident:

Medical Attention

When you contact an experienced personal injury lawyer after an accident, you will be able to get the best medical attention available. Because a personal injury lawyer has your well-being in their best interest, he will put you in contact with the best medical services available so you can reach full recovery.

Real Value of Your Injuries

Insurance companies’ adjusters will normally try to lower your compensation for damages. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know the real value of your claim and will reject any offer lower than what you deserve. Thanks to this, you can be sure to get the monetary compensation you deserve to cover any past and future expenses that derive from the accident.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident

Legal Options

After sustaining injuries from an accident, there are two routes that you can take: filing an insurance claim for your injuries or pushing for a personal injury lawsuit. While legal action is perceived as a last resort, most of the time the party at fault will try to deny liability and without the proof to indeed find them at fault, your claims will be at risk. A personal injury lawyer will advise you on which action is the best to pursue and will help you gather all the evidence needed to hold the ones at fault for your injuries accountable.


A personal injury lawyer will be determined to conduct a thorough investigation to put the liability on the responsible party.

If necessary, your personal injury lawyer will find experts to testify and prove that the accident wasn’t your fault, hold the ones responsible for it accountable and seek restitution for any damages you have or will have to endure because of their negligence.

Speed up Your Injury Claim

Normally, insurance companies will refuse to start the compensation process without health certificates proving that you were injured. With a personal injury lawyer, this process would be sped up and can help you file your claim while you are still recovering Your attorney has the necessary experience to anticipate any possible mishap and prevent anything that could harm your case.


Even if you don’t want to go to court, the party at fault could dispute your compensation claim, paving the way for you to pursue legal actions. A good and experienced personal injury lawyer will help you gather strong evidence and fight to prove your case in court.

Defendant’s Evidence

If your case gets to court, the defendant’s attorney will give evidence that his/her client was not at fault for the accident and will even try to shift the blame to you. Denying liability could be an easy process if you go to court unrepresented. With a personal injury lawyer by your side, all these denials would have to be thoroughly proven. A personal injury lawyer would scrutinize and take every detail into account to ensure that you will be compensated and treated fairly in court.


Due to the statute of limitations in California, you only have two years after the date of the accident to file a claim. Even worse, when a government or public entity is involved this is reduced to mere six months. Your personal injury lawyer will make sure to not let your case go to waste and will try their best to settle your case before it reaches these deadlines.

Peace of Mind

After suffering an accident the claim filing process will just put more stress on your mind, and that is usually the least we want during our recovery. With a personal injury lawyer, you can be assured that all the process is going smoothly while you focus on your recovery, without the stress of dealing with insurance companies, legal matters, medical bills and so on you can have the peace of mind needed to focus on yourself and get on your feet again as soon as possible.


A good personal injury lawyer knows that money matters just put more stress in your mind after an injury. The costs both for legal representation and medical bills will be the least of your worries if you hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee, meaning that you don’t have to take a dime out of your pocket until your case is won and resolved.

If you get into an accident, you don’t want just a personal injury lawyer, You want the best personal injury lawyer available. Farahi Law Firm’s team of personal injury attorneys are the best of the best. With a proven track record of helping victims get their rightful compensation hiring us is in your best interest. We have 15 Practice Areas in which we can give you legal advice. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case at  (844)244-2955. We are available24 hours a day, seven days of the week.



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