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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The drivers of automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles who intentionally, recklessly or carelessly hit a motorcyclist in most cases suffer very little, if any, harm themselves. Unfortunately, it’s not the same for the motorcyclist who was hit.

Dealing with any injury can require a lot of time depending on the extent of the damage. people who have injured themselves in a motorcycle accident can need the help of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers like Farahi Law Firm. Personal injury lawyers can help you seek adequate compensation for not just your injuries but also any loss of money, as well as emotional trauma.

Why do you Need Specialized Motorcycle Accident Lawyers for Motorcycle Accidents?

Riding a bike is considered cooler than riding a four-wheel drive. The pull of a motorcycle is unparalleled and many people are die-hard bikers, irrespective of their age. However, riding a bike comes with a huge risk of accidents. Since the riding conditions are not always ideal and people often are negligent in following rules (DUI, over speeding, etc.), may result in motorcycle riders injuring themselves, often gravely. 

Many times, heavy vehicles like trucks, buses and even automobile drivers’ callous attitude and reckless driving may result in an accident where a motorcyclist might suffer injuries like –

  • Serious back injuries, Bone fractures, Soft-tissue injuries, Loss of limbs or digits, Spinal cord damage, Paralysis or quadriplegia, Brain injuries, Pedestrian accidents, Bicycle accidents, Head injuries.

Why do you Need Specialized Lawyers for Motorcycle Accidents?

Since statistically, bike riders are more prone to accidents, it is important to take care of yourself by handling the responsibility of getting proper compensation to people who are adept at handling such cases. The trauma of being in an accident can be quite overwhelming. You are dealing with physical pain and emotional issues apart from a great financial burden. Getting any help at such a time is a huge asset. You do not have to deal with insurance agents alone, motorcycle injury lawyers can help you seize your life back.

Having proper legal representation is important or you might end up losing money which you deserve. The legal language is such that anyone can be confused and sign papers which may prove to be a step you might end up regretting later. 

Aggressive lawyers of insurance companies often use scare tactics to make you settle for less. Having a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer by your side ensures that you don’t end up signing a document which could hamper your chance of getting compensation for your injuries. It is important to collect evidence to build your case soundly.

Motorcycle Accidents can be some of the Most Dangerous Kind of Accidents. There isn’t much to brace the riders of the impact of hitting an oncoming vehicle. It is no surprise that they end up with severe injuries. Many times, accidents are caused due to driver negligence, from both bike riders and other vehicle drivers.

It is important that besides getting immediate medical attention for your injuries you also seek legal counsel. An injury, that remains untreated can result in severe complications and even death. Motorcycle accident lawyers can deal with the other driver’s insurance company, which is essential when taking care of medical expenses.

The personal injury lawyer and staff of Farahi Law Firm, APC help our motorcycle accident clients receive prompt, fair and just compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of others. We understand that as someone injured in a motorcycle accident you can be overwhelmed and may be suffering from emotional, physical and financial burdens. 

We’ll defend your rights, allowing you to focus on the recovery process. If you’ve been injured in a similar accident call your California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers and Motorcycle Injury Attorney. Farahi Law Firm, APC is committed to allowing victims of motorcycle accidents to return to the life they led prior to sustaining their injuries. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

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