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California Bicycle Accident Lawyers

When you are injured as a result of an accident while on your bicycle we understand that it was most likely a very frightening experience. If you believe that your bicycle accident was not your fault call us. We can help with any resulting injuries caused by someone else. It is very important to seek the legal advice from a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer. Be careful in cities like California, Lawndale, and Hawthorne. There, the laws may differ from Los Angeles city.

Hurt Yourself While Riding Bicycle? Let Bicycle Accident Lawyers Handle Insurance Companies.

Bicycling is good for not just your health but also the environment. People prefer to make a contribution to saving the environment while keeping themselves fit. However, despite being extremely careful bicycle accidents take place. It is common knowledge that bicycles are no match for motor vehicles.

Thus, a bicycle accident can be a frightening experience which may result in severe injuries. It is important to have proper legal representation to ensure sure that you get adequately compensated for your injuries. Farahi Law Firm Bicycle Accident Lawyers offers the victims of bicycle accidents a chance to get justice for the trauma they had to endure.

Injuries Sustained in a Bicycle Accident

Apart from a helmet, bicycle riders have absolutely no safety net to protect them from any collision. Thus, the bicyclist might have severe injuries which may sometimes even be fatal. Minor injuries sustained by a bicyclist include bruises and sprains; other severe injuries include broken bones, damage to internal organs like the spleen, kidney, liver or traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, and herniated discs.

As per statistics available, nearly 600 cyclists die every year and more than 52,000 people are injured in bicycle-vehicle accidents. Despite the precautions taken, serious injuries like fractures, lacerations, neck trauma, concussions, joint injuries cannot be avoided. Though such injuries can take place with any person, 11% of injuries are sustained by children, which is traumatic not just for the child but also the parents. It is therefore important to seek compensation for the injuries sustained and trauma undergone from the guilty party.

What Can Cause Bicycle Accidents?

There can be numerous reasons for bicycle accidents:

  1. Collisions at intersections –Many times accidents take place at uncontrolled intersections and those with a stop sign. In case the drivers are not careful and do not reduce speed while crossing an intersection, an accident may occur.
  2. Collisions at a stoplight – If you cross at a stoplight before it turns green, you will be held responsible if you hit a vehicle. However, if you have a green signal and are then hit by a driver, then the driver is at fault.
  3. Dooring accidents – Such accidents take place when a passenger of a motor vehicle opens the door without assessing the traffic outside. Since bicyclists have little to no time to react, they are often thrown causing them to sustain severe injuries.
  4. Drunk driving accidents –Drunk drivers are responsible for the majority of accidents taking place. Often, they are driving at high speed and fail to notice bicyclists. Injuries sustained can be extremely serious and death is also a possibility in such cases.
  5. Distracted driving accidents – Using your mobile phone for texting or talking or using an app can result in an accident. in case a bicyclist is involved, the damages can be catastrophic.
  6. Rear end collisions –Speeding and miscalculating the distance between two vehicles may often cause people to hit a bicyclist which may prove detrimental for the latter.

Most Bicycles are Unaware

Most bicycle accidents are caused by some sort of collision. Usually with a motor vehicle. This is typically caused by the negligence of the operator of the car or truck, who failed to properly watch out for or leave the proper amount of room for the cyclist. These accidents can be very serious. The result can be bone fractures, head injury, back injury and sometimes death. When we represent you as your Bicycle Accident Lawyers, we apply the knowledge and skills we have acquired related to California and Los Angeles bicycle accidents and develop effective strategies that level the playing filed with the insurance companies and can help win your bicycle accident claim.

There are statute of limitations that apply to Los Angeles bicycle accident cases. Also,victims have a limited time in which to file their cases. If you feel you have been injured in a bicycle accident as the result of another person’s carelessness, it is vital that you act immediately to protect your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation. We are here to help any and all victims of accidents. We can help you achieve the goal of full physical rehabilitation after an accident.

Get the medical care you need and the money you deserve after an accident. You need an Bicycle Accident Lawyers by your side who is willing to go the distance to get you what you deserve. Do not sign up with a settlement Bicycle Accident Lawyers. Call Us Now.

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