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Dog Bite Lawyers

California Dog Bite Lawyers

Who wouldn’t like to keep a pet? Dogs are loved by most people and are preferred over other animals as pets. There is no denying the undying love and faithfulness you receive from a dog. People even look after them as their own children. However, for people who are not that fond of animals, it can be a bit of a difficult situation to have to ask a pet owner to keep their pet restrained.

What can be worse, is, if a person gets bitten by a dog. In case your dog bit someone, or you were bitten by a dog, you might require the services of specialized dog bite attorney. Personal injury law firms like Farahi Law Firm often have attorneys who specialize in this kind of dog bite cases. This is because every year there are numerous cases involving legal claim and potential liability of an individual in a dog bite case.

What To Do in a Dog Bite Case?

It is important to secure evidence in such a scenario. People like deliverymen, postmen or other mail carriers often need to enter the premises of a house as part of their job description. Any person who is lawfully in the premises as part of their job description and is bitten by a dog can claim worker’s compensation benefit. Under this benefit, employees who are injured on the job can claim medical as well as wage replacement benefits. They can alternately and/or additionally claim against the dog owner (if it is not owned by the employer).

Sometimes, the homeowner’s insurance can provide cover against damages occurring on the property due to dog bites. Dog Bites might be covered by automobile insurance in case the injury is sustained in the motor vehicle of the owner. In a rare chance, an owner could also have animal insurance taken. In case there is no insurance company involved, you could still sue the owner for compensation for the pain and trauma you had to endure. 

Gathering evidence is extremely essential to prove your case. You need to ensure that you photograph both the dog and the owner; have identified witnesses to the incident and taken their statements, have photographed the extent of injuries and the location of the attack. It is important to consult and hire a dog bite attorney before you talk to any insurance company representative.

How can Having a Dog Bite Lawyers Help your Dog Bite Claim?

Many people think that filing a case for a dog bite is trivial and you might not get anything out of it. however, people often endure severe pain and medical treatment for dog bite and fighting for your rights is justified. Though around 4.7 million people in America endure dog bite every year, only 15,000-16,000 victims are paid by insurance companies. Since most of them work on a contingency basis, they get paid only if you get paid. Hiring a lawyer improves your chance.

Do Not Talk to the Insurance Company Before you Speak to an Dog Bite Lawyers

The most important aspect of prosecuting a dog bite case is to secure evidence as quickly as possible. The evidence that should be obtained immediately is the identity of the dog and its owner, photographs of the dog, identity of witnesses, witness statements, and photographs of the injuries and location of the attack.

There are many factors which can increase the chance of you or your child being a victim of a dog bite or dog attack. Owners of dogs, teenagers, grandparents, babysitters, caregivers of all types and especially parents of young children, must keep in mind all of the factors that can result in or lead to aggressive and harmful behavior in dogs. Of course, the greater the number of these factors which are present will increase the likelihood that a damaging or injurious bite or attack can occur. For example:

  • Additional evidence shows that the number of dog bites goes up during the summer months due the higher volume of people outside and the presence of a greater number of dogs.
  • If a canine is continuously kept on a leash or chain, then there is a much increased chance that such a dog will be aggressive and/or lack proper “people skills.”
  • Not surprisingly, male dogs are more likely to exhibit aggressive tendencies and account for a higher percentage of bites and attacks on children and adults.- Notwithstanding the previous fact, dominant, poorly trained and socialized or fearful female dogs will, and often do, bite children and their caregivers.
  • If there are two or more dogs in a yard without the dog owner present, then there is a significantly higher chance of encountering or experiencing dog bites or dangerous dog behavior.
  • The greater number of dogs that are present equals a much higher risk for attacks, bites, or maulings, which are associated with pack behavior.
  • Non-neutered or un-spayed dogs typically demonstrate higher levels of aggressive behavior.

Disturbingly, the single, most common cause of deadly dog bites and seriously harmful canine attacks is the owner of the dog, who does not properly train, supervise or care for their animal.

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Dog Bite Lawyers

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