spanish-speaking personal injury lawyer
spanish-speaking personal injury lawyer

5 Advantages of Having a Spanish-Speaking Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting into an accident and suffering from injuries can be devastating. For some who succumb to a severe condition, it can be life-altering. Besides getting treatment and taking care of yourself, you also need to file a settlement claim against the responsible party.

This requires the help of a personal injury attorney. If you speak only or mainly Spanish, you should prefer a Spanish personal injury lawyer to make the process easier and more beneficial to you. Otherwise, a lot of things may go wrong because of the language barrier.

Whether you, a loved one, or a friend, who are Spanish speakers, and are involved in a car accident, slip and fall, truck accident, dog bite, or pedestrian accident, you need a Spanish-speaking personal injury lawyer to assist you in your journey to recovery.

The Impact of Language Barriers to Your Case

In California, the Hispanic or Latino community is more than 15 million, or 39.4% of the state’s total. This is the largest among the groups in California. Many of them either only speak Spanish or know how to speak English but are not as fluent.

Communication can then be difficult when they talk to persons who are primarily involved in the accident, such as the police officer responding, the landlord, the dog owner, or the supermarket manager, as the case may be. Proper communication means you will not be misunderstood or taken advantage of by claim adjusters or insurance companies who will offer you low or no settlement at all.

If Spanish is your primary language and you were involved in an auto collision, a Spanish-speaking car accident lawyer can understand your version of what happened well and can certainly fight for you during the insurance claim process and in court. This is the same for other accidents like dog-bite cases, slip and fall, construction accidents, automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, and other personal injury cases.

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Advantages of Hiring a Spanish-Speaking Personal Injury Lawyer

When you talk to a personal injury lawyer in Spanish, it will be easier to get legal advice. More importantly, you will benefit from the following advantages:

1. Understand the laws and your case better

With a Spanish-speaking attorney, you can relay the facts of your case better and you will learn more about your case. The legal processes will be better explained to you as well. For instance, a Spanish-speaking personal injury attorney can explain to you what liability means or why the other party is claiming contributory negligence.

In short, you will be informed more clearly about the surrounding circumstances involving the issues relating to your claim against the negligent party. Also, you will get better counseling because there is no language barrier that limits your ability to have effective communication.

2. Save money on companies that offer over-the-phone interpreter services.

For law firms that have no Spanish-speaking attorneys, you may need to find a family member or a friend who can translate for you. The risk here is that the translation may not be as accurate as what you would want to convey.

Moreover, you may need to bother that person every time you need to talk to the case manager or the lawyer of the firm. Worse, you may need to hire and pay companies that offer over-the-phone interpreters. This may cost you more than save on your case expenses.

On the other hand, a Spanish-speaking personal injury lawyer can help you save on this expense. You will not need to worry about spending on something unnecessary like an interpreter.

3. You can express your pain and suffering well and get the right treatment

When you are the injured party in an accident, it is important that you are given the right treatment. Part of it is that you are able to relay well what you feel, what part of your body is painful, when has this been happening, and what activities have been affected due to your injuries, if there are any severe injuries, among other things.

When you can explain well the injuries or the pain that you feel, the Spanish personal injury lawyer can help you better in bringing you to the right specialists.

At the same time, the lawyer can relay your needs well to the medical specialists and would prevent a case of medical negligence. Thus, you can obtain recovery faster and more efficiently.

4. Be more involved in the claim process or litigation

Getting into accidents requires getting in touch with the insurance carrier of the responsible party and filing an accident injury claim. This also involves negotiating with the claim adjuster which may take time and would require certain documents.

You will understand this better when you can conveniently talk to your personal injury lawyer in Spanish. As the case goes through settlement negotiations and possibly in litigation, you will have an idea of what stage your case is in. More importantly, if the case goes to court, you can understand the stringent court processes.

5. Prevent being taken advantage of

When you hire a lawyer, you are entering into a contract. Like any other contract, there are terms that you should understand before agreeing to them. When you choose a Spanish-speaking lawyer, these terms can be explained to you in your native language. It would then be easier to ask any questions, allowing you to intelligently decide on whether to hire the lawyer to represent you or not based on your needs.

Moreover, you will avoid being misled or being in a disadvantageous position, which is what you do not need after getting into an accident. After hiring the right accident attorney to represent you, you can leave the case to your lawyer and not deal with some insurance carriers that tend to influence accident victims to stray from making an informed decision and settle to an amount lesser than you deserve.

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As you can easily express to us what the accident has caused your life, in turn, we are certain that we can give you the professional representation that you expect. But of course, our goal is to help you recover from the accident, and part of it is helping get the legal rights to the financial compensation claim that you deserve.

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