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We will fight for you to get you the medical treatment you need and the highest compensation possible. 

No worries about paying us. We will not change a single cent unless we win your case. Get in touch with our expert personal injury attorneys for your FREE case review. We answer right away. Available 24/7.

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No Fees Unless we Win!

San Pedro Car Accident Lawyers

The number of fatal car accidents had decreased in 2020 due to the pandemic as we saw fewer people leaving their homes. But as the world began to slowly open up, motor-vehicle crash statistics started to rise once more. 

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), there were an estimated 42,310 motor vehicle-related fatalities by the end of November 2021. In the first six months of 2021 alone, fatality rates rose by an estimated 16% more than the previous year.

Being involved in an auto accident can lead to great emotional and financial stress for you and your loved ones. When in an accident, the state of shock can make you not realize the full extent of your injuries or property damage, leading to rash decisions that can affect you negatively.

Count on our team of experienced San Pedro car accident lawyers to be by your side through this difficult time. Regardless of the injuries you suffered or the damage to your vehicle, we will fight to win you the maximum compensation available and hold the at-fault party liable.

If you or someone you know was injured in a vehicular collision, do not hesitate to obtain legal representation. Contact us for a free consultation of your case at (310) 774-8015. Your justice is our cause!

How Can San Pedro Car Accident Lawyers Help Your Case?

It is common to think that a motor vehicle accident claim is easier to resolve by simply arguing an agreement with the other party or their insurance adjuster. While this seems like the easy way out, it will do more harm than good in the long run.

For a minor fender bender, one might choose to differ from taking legal action since both the damage to your car and injuries are minor and would have no long-term consequence.

But for major accidents, letting an insurance company take the reins is detrimental. Insurance adjusters will use every trick to avoid obtaining the actual estimate of your injuries and property damage.  

Letting the insurance company handle your claims will not get you the real compensation you deserve. Adjusters will try to pin some of the blame on you to nullify or lower the value of your claim. 

When you get in a serious automobile collision, the next best course of action is to contact our personal injury attorney to handle your legal claim or eventual lawsuit for you. An experienced attorney will:

  • Get the real value of your injuries
  • Handle your medical bills and treatment
  • Offer you legal guidance on the best course of action to take
  • Fight against low ball offers from insurance companies
  • Win the compensatory damages you deserve

Why Farahi Law Firm is the Best Choice for You

As previously mentioned, hiring seasoned San Pedro personal injury attorneys to handle your claim is the best course of action you can take after getting in a vehicular collision. Trying to handle your case on your own can be extremely stressful. You will be urged by all sides to close your claim as quickly as possible.

At Farahi Law Firm, our San Pedro car accident lawyers will guide you through the claims process and handle everything for you. With us by your side, you will have the time and the mental headspace to make a swift recovery.

With our excellent team of medical examiners, case handlers, accident attorneys, and demand writers, we will:

  1. Give you the necessary guidance and introduce you to a highly qualified case manager.
  2. Do a thorough evaluation of your injuries and property damage.
  3. Put you in touch with the best doctors and body shops. 
  4. Collect the necessary evidence and open your property damage claim.
  5. Have your personal injury attorney evaluate the case on your behalf.
  6. Request and collect the necessary medical billings and property damage costs to prepare your demands against the party at fault.
  7. Aggressively negotiate with insurance adjusters for a favorable settlement.

If negotiations are successful, we will come to an agreement on your settlement amount with the other parties involved. If negotiations are unsuccessful, we will take your case into litigation and fight on your behalf in a court of law. 

After your case is settled, we will negotiate the medical expenses for your treatment, handle the distribution and settlement of all fees and payments, and close your case.

Our award-winning law firm is here for you during this tough time. Our client-driven services have won us multiple awards and made us the best personal injury law firm in Southern California. As a personal injury law firm, we also handle other areas of personal injury in San Pedro CA such as motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, brain injury, wrongful death, dog bites, and more. 

Most Common Types of Vehicular Accidents in San Pedro

Not all automobile accidents are the same. The type of accident will determine what kind of vehicular damage and injuries a victim might suffer. From the thousands of clients we have helped over the years, we have determined that the most common types of car accidents are:

Head-on Collisions

According to DriveSafe Online, a head-on collision is considered the most dangerous kind of car accident. This type of accident involves two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction and colliding with one another. This kind of accident can lead to severe consequences such as a traumatic brain injury or trauma to the internal organs.

Rear-end Collisions

The Insurance Information Institute reports that rear-end collisions made up 7.1% of all fatal accidents in 2019. Arguably one of the most common kinds of collisions. They occur when the front bumper collides with another car’s rear. Rear-end collisions can result in whiplash and damage to the spinal cord. 


When two cars are traveling in parallel, and their sides impact one another, it is called a sideswipe or side-impact collision. They can occur when one car tries to overtake another vehicle without noticing them or fails to properly merge into the lane, hitting the vehicle beside them.

T-bone Accidents

They happen when one car crashes head-on into the side of another vehicle while traveling at high speed. This kind of accident is especially dangerous for the driver or passenger depending on the side of impact since they are most susceptible to receiving the brunt force of impact.

Multiple-Vehicle Pileups

This kind of accident is caused by vehicles traveling too close to one another or poor road conditions. What starts as a two-car collision can quickly progress into an incident involving more vehicles.

Rollover Accidents

These accidents happen when one or more vehicles end up on their side or upside down. They can be categorized as tripped rollovers and untripped rollovers. Tripped rollovers happen when an object on the road causes a car to flip over. An untripped rollover can happen when the driver loses control while trying to avoid an object or person on the road, which causes them to flip on their side or the back of the vehicle.

Low-Speed Contact Accidents

Commonly categorized as accidents that happen at 10 miles per hour or less, these kinds of collisions usually result in minimal property damage. But can cause catastrophic injuries to the accident victim, such as whiplash. 

Single vehicle accident

These accidents involve only one vehicle and happen when a driver crashes into another object like a tree, a fence, or a streetlamp. Single vehicle accidents can occur due to uneven roads, lack of signages, or defective car parts, among other reasons.

Understanding Liability and Negligence Laws in San Pedro

California follows the rules of the comparative negligence law. This means that compensation depends on the degree of fault that one had in an accident. There is a common misconception that if you were partially at fault for your accident you cannot pursue compensation.

Thanks to comparative negligence laws, if you weren’t the party principally at fault, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim and seek fair compensation for your damages.

This means that if you were 20% at fault for an accident you can still receive 80% of compensation from the at-fault party for your accident.

Aside from the negligence laws in California, we should also be mindful of liability and how it is determined. Liability determines the fault a party had in an accident. Most often, insurance adjusters will try to lessen the value of your claim and deny liability for their client.

But thanks to our expert car accident attorneys, a thorough assessment of your case will successfully protect you and hold the negligent party liable for your injuries and material losses.

Our Expert San Pedro Car Accident Lawyers Will Help You

If you or a loved one were involved in an accident due to the negligent actions of another person, contact us today. Our team of San Pedro personal injury lawyers is ready to fight for your rights and win for you the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries and property damage. We have vast experience in handling car accident claims. Let us handle the compensation claims process while you focus on getting yourself back on your feet.

Don’t wait to get the medical treatment and compensation you deserve, contact us or call us today at (310) 744-8015 for a free initial consultation. We work on a no win – no fee basis, meaning that until we win your case, you don’t have to pay us anything at all. We also speak Spanish.


We will fight for you to get you the medical treatment you need and the highest compensation possible. 

No worries about paying us. We will not change a single cent unless we win your case. Get in touch with our expert personal injury attorneys for your FREE case review. We answer right away. Available 24/7.

Free Case Evaluation

No Fees Unless we Win!