Wrongful Death Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA

California Wrongful Death Lawyers and Wrongful Death Attorneys

California Wrongful Death Lawyers – is defined as a death caused, in an immediate or delayed manner, by the negligence or misconduct of an individual, group of individuals, company or organization.

When a family member or loved one dies, the complexities of a legal claim against the party or parties responsible can be overwhelming. At this already stressful and emotional time, the best course of action is to seek the guidance of a personal injury attorney with experience in wrongful death cases. At Farahi Law Firm we work to guide the surviving family members through the complex legalities to help obtain the maximum possible compensation for their loss. If you’ve lost a loved one call your local California Wrongful Death Attorney. We are here to help you in and out of the court room. Call Justin For Justice.

Some of the types of damages suffered by parents, spouses, and children of a deceased person include:

  • grief and anguish
  • loss of consortium (“trauma to the marital relationship”)
  • loss of income, services, protection, care and assistance provided by the deceased
  • funeral expenses
  • medical bills
  • punitive damages may be recovered for willful or reckless conduct

Whatever the cause of your loved one’s death, we understand the difficulties you face and the grief that you are experiencing. And as your lawyers, we will work to handle the legal end of things so that you and your family focus on dealing with your grief and start healing. You can rest assured that we will remain committed to obtaining the compensation you deserve.