Shocking Head-On Collision on Highway 4 Caught on Video

A video of a head-on crash captured by a dashboard camera has left everyone astonished, especially the father who survived this harrowing experience. He is now calling on Caltrans to make changes to Highway 4 to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Recorded from the dashboard, the video begins as a peaceful scenic drive but quickly turns into a nightmare. The camera captures the moment when a vehicle approaches rapidly, seemingly attempting to overtake traffic by using the opposite lanes. Suddenly, the head-on impact occurs with the vehicle carrying the dashboard camera. The airbag deploys, and the camera spins, revealing the driver, miraculously unharmed.

“A second before the crash, I accepted that my life was coming to an end,” confesses Tran. “I knew there was no escape, but suddenly, everything turned white around me, it was the airbag. There was smoke in the car and a strong smell of gasoline. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it saved my life.”

The dashboard camera continues recording seconds after the impact, showing the shocking aftermath of the crash inside Tran’s vehicle. Fortunately, Tran survived, as did his mother, father, and wife, though all of them suffered serious injuries. Their two- and four-year-old children also emerged unscathed from this tragedy.

However, the three individuals in the other vehicle lost their lives instantly.

Tran has chosen to share this shocking accident video as part of his plea to Caltrans to modify the regulations on that stretch of the highway. The driver heading towards them entered the opposing lane marked with a dashed line, which legally allows drivers to pass with caution in opposite lanes.

“They were going uphill, had to navigate a curve, and had to make sure they cleared the traffic they were passing. Simply, all these combinations resulted in a tragedy,” Tran explains.

A Caltrans spokesperson confirmed that this head-on collision on Highway 4 has triggered a safety investigation.

Tran and his family were returning from a trip to Yosemite, a route that is common for many families during vacations.

“I hope Caltrans can, at the very least, assess how this area is signposted and opt for safer measures,” Tran concludes.

Tran emphasizes the importance of having a dashboard camera to document events like this and eliminate any doubt about what happened. Additionally, he underscores that seatbelts also played a crucial role in saving his family’s lives.

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