Pizarro Family to Receive Over $6 Million in Accident Settlement

San Diego, California – The City of San Diego has reached a financial settlement of over $6 million with the Pizarro family, who lost a mother and daughter in a devastating multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 805 in 2018. This incident also claimed the life of a prominent teenage YouTube star.

The family of Aileen and Aryana Pizarro has achieved this accident settlement in the context of a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city. In their claim, they argue that authorities did not take proper measures before the collision, despite prior warnings from the parents of Trevor “McSkillet” Heitmann. These parents had reported Heitmann’s erratic behavior and threats to the San Diego police.

On that fateful day, mother and daughter lost their lives when the 18-year-old drove his luxurious McLaren at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour in the wrong direction on I-805, colliding with Aileen’s SUV. The 12-year-old daughter, Aryana, was also in the car.

Thirty minutes before the accident, Heitmann crashed through the fence of Ashley Falls Elementary School, several blocks away from his home on Sea Knoll Court. He broke a window of the school building and sped away. Heitmann’s parents had alerted the police about his behavior, but apparently, the warning signs were ignored.

The total settlement amount is $6.125 million, to be distributed between Miguel Pizarro, Aileen’s father, and Angelo Pizarro, her son. In detail, Miguel will receive $4.25 million, while Angelo will receive $1.875 million.

Both the Pizarro family and the Heitmanns sued the city in 2019 for negligence. They claimed that the police officers did not adequately assess the mental condition of the internet influencer when they responded to his Carmel Valley home hours before the tragic accident in August 2018.

Both families also argued that the city did not mobilize the county’s Psychiatric Emergency Response Team, specifically designated to address mental health calls, like the one that led authorities to the Heitmanns’ home.

Throughout over five years of litigation, the Pizarro family attempted to reach settlements on several occasions. However, all were rejected by the San Diego City Council. The city, in turn, tried to dismiss the case, arguing that police officers are not obligated to intervene in mental health calls. The judge rejected this motion in September 2023.

According to court documents, the city finally reached settlement agreements with both families during a full-day meeting just over a week before the trial began in November 2023. Details about the agreement with the Heitmanns have not been confirmed yet.

The San Diego City Council will give final approval to the Pizarro family settlements during their regular meeting on January 23.

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