Pile-Up Panic: Multi-Car Crash Halts Traffic in Yucaipa

[Yucaipa, CA] The winter weather in Southern California has resulted in hazardous road conditions, with a 20-car pile-up in Yucaipa overnight being one of the incidents. The multi-vehicle collision occurred at approximately 11 p.m. on Wednesday on the westbound 10 Freeway near Wildwood Canyon Road, causing several injuries, and the victims’ conditions remain unknown.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) attributed the cause of the multi-car crash to winter conditions, including the presence of icy slush on the road. Although all lanes have now reopened, the pile-up had previously forced the shutdown of the freeway.

Moreover, another chain reaction crash involving over a dozen vehicles took place on the snow-covered road of Highway 189 outside of Crestline, leading to stranded drivers and a four-hour road closure. Thorough investigations have been conducted, however, no major injuries have been reported.

With mountain communities and other areas expected to experience even more severe weather conditions, it is vital to exercise caution while driving. The Yucaipa California Highway Patrol (CHP) recommends that drivers:

  • Slow down and leave plenty of distance between vehicles
  • Be mindful of patches of ice and slick roads
  • Do not tailgate or pass aggressively
  • Keep headlights on low beam and use extra caution in reduced visibility conditions

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