Motorcyclist Arrested for Hit-and-Run Accident in LA

(Los Angeles, CA) Police arrested a motorcyclist on Tuesday in connection with a hit-and-run accident in Los Angeles. The accident, which occurred in Boyle Heights, caused a teenager to lose a leg.

Thirteen-year-old Joshua Mora was hit near the curb and lay in the street as he watched his assailant return to his motorcycle and flee. Witnesses to the accident helped him while paramedics arrived. Upon being transported to the hospital, Joshua underwent multiple surgeries, but unfortunately, his leg could not be saved.

The negligent driver’s arrest was made possible thanks to a public tip. Erwin Majano, 29, a resident of Banning, was arrested on Tuesday morning in a joint operation between the Los Angeles and Banning police departments, according to a detective with the LAPD.

Majano’s records show that he is being held on bail of $50,000. It is unclear whether he has hired a lawyer who could comment on his behalf and agree to the amount. The accident occurred on March 30, and justice has finally been served for Joshua Mora.

This hit-and-run accident in LA highlights the dangers of busy intersections in the city and the great responsibility that all drivers and pedestrians have to keep themselves and others safe on the roads and streets.

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