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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

On average, truck drivers spend considerably much more time on the road than your average motorist, with the size of the vehicles and the stress the drivers are put up to by being on the road for days on end, accidents involving trucks are very common on the highway. Learning the common causes of truck accidents is primordial to prevent you and your loved ones from being involved in what could be a fatal accident.

But, If you or one of your loved ones has already been injured in a truck accident, our professional team of truck accident lawyers can help you to proceed legally and get fair compensation for any damages you or your loved ones may have suffered in a truck accident.

There are diverse causes as to why trucks are part of two or more vehicle accidents while on the road. Even if it is expected of truck drivers to be more educated in terms of defensive driving as well as requiring special licenses to be able to hit the road, according to Truth about Trucking here are the most common causes for tractor-trailer accidents in the US:

  • Fatigue: Truckers spend most of their time on the road, with many opting to drive overnight or even go more than 24 hours without sleep instead of taking proper rest. Which while it’s understandable because of the tight deadlines they sometimes have for their deliveries they put other motorists at risk. As with every vehicle under the sun, driving in a fatigued state can lead to microsleeps (when your body shuts down without you realizing it because of lack of sleep and general fatigue) while on the wheel. These 30 seconds to 1-minute shutdowns that the body suffers can lead to serious accidents.
  • Driving under the influence: Alcohol and drug use is a prominent problem for truck drivers. Some of them take both non-medical and over the counter drugs while stopping through towns in addition to alcohol. But, it is also common for truck drivers to carry these substances while on the road. Driving under the influence impairs judgments and lessens your reaction skills, putting other drivers at risk.
  • Driving on unfamiliar roads: Sometimes, truck drivers are forced to trek through unfamiliar places. Not knowing the road, coupled with other causes like the ones mentioned before can lead to fatal accidents for your average motorist.
  • Excessive speed: Going over the speed is one of the most common causes of accidents with all types of vehicles. Even more so with trucks, because of their size, their mass is multiplied exponentially the faster they go. An accident with a speeding truck most of the time is fatal for other vehicles involved while the trucker and their machine can come out unscathed thanks to their size, mass, and overall manufacturing.

Why Driver Mistakes Are also Cause for Truck Accidents?

While you may think your truck accident case might be clear cut, there are a lot of factors your specialized truck accident attorney might have to analyze and go through to establish liability, because there might be more than one party at fault you must contact an attorney to analyze your case. Even though truck drivers are expected to be better at handling the road than other types of drivers, sometimes even their expertise and years of experience cannot help them avoid an accident.

Here are some conditions that can create dangerous situations both for you as a motorist and the truck driver himself:

  • Driving in the blind spot of the truck driver
  • Cutting off a truck
  • Accelerating too slowly after pulling in front of a fast-moving truck
  • Failing to take into consideration crosswindsaround a truck when passing it
  • Leaving a broken-down car obstructing the road
  • Driving between two or more trucksfor longer than necessary
Truck Accident Lawyers

Avoiding these situations as much as you can are some of the first steps one should take to prevent a truck accident. In general, any fast moves without proper warning can throw a truck off course completely. While you cannot control truck drivers, you can control what moves you make. You can read tips from sites like Road Safe America to find out how best to behave when driving in the vicinity of trucks.

In case you do get involved in an accident, you should know that not only can you held the truck driver liable for the accident but also the trucking company as a whole if it can be proven to be also at fault for the accident, this is done if you truck accident attorney can prove that the company was negligent in hiring the driver, ensuring proper license, ensuring the truck is in good condition,  entrusting the driver with the vehicle and providing the overall equipment needed for proper road safety.

If you, or your loved one, have been injured in a truck accident in the State of California, it would be in your best interest to contact an experienced California personal injury lawyer who will protect your rights and ensure you get the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. Contact Farahi Law Firm, APC today for a FREE evaluation of your case (844) 824-2955.



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