5 Reasons Why You Need a Child Injury Lawyer California

child injury lawyer California

It is totally normal to feel upset when you see your child cry in pain because of minor bruises or wounds. But if the injury, minor or life-altering, is caused by someone else’s lack of care, negligence, or recklessness, it is natural to get angry and frustrated with the person responsible. However, you can do more in this situation. 

You can help your child recover from this trauma by getting in touch with a child injury lawyer to assist you in the steps that you can take. Besides, parents, guardians, or relatives of the child victim are given by California law the right to claim economic and non-economic damages against the responsible party. Furthermore, there is more to having a legal representation in personal injury cases where the victim is a child or a minor.

Types of Child Injury Cases

Children can get injured on random occasions because of their vulnerability and, unfortunately, due to somebody else’s negligence. It could happen anywhere and cannot be prevented. But, while it may occur unexpectedly, you can do something about it within the bounds of the law. 

These cases that require the representation of a child injury lawyer include:

For you to have a strong case for settlement or litigation in court, you need the help of a legal team that has competent personal injury lawyers who specialize in child injury cases. 

Hiring a Child Injury Lawyer California

Before you respond to the claim adjuster who reached out to you after your child got injured, consider getting legal representation. Here are five reasons why you should hire a child injury lawyer California immediately.

1. Expertise in personal injury

Filing a claim for damages involves appreciating applicable laws, rules of procedure, and jurisprudence. The filing of the case in court should be within the statute of limitations. And prior to this, insurance claim negotiation is initiated with the responsible party’s insurance provider. 

In preparation for the negotiation process, the lawyer will gather the relevant evidence. Moreover, to be successful in this process, expert negotiation skills are needed to achieve the best outcome for each case. Without a doubt, you can get a better settlement with a child injury lawyer instead of acting alone. 

2. Skilled investigation for every case

Any claim for damages relies on evidence. Besides actual damages or the value of the medical expenses and other losses, it is also important to prove the other party’s liability. When you hire a lawyer for child injury, the lawyer knows which evidence to gather, events to document, things to photograph, persons to depose, or expert testimonies to obtain. Those collected during the settlement process are kept for presentation in court if the case requires litigation. 

The child injury lawyer knows which evidence is relevant to prove the case. And it can be done with years of legal training and experience in the field. So if you want your claim to be strong enough to get the fair settlement you and your child deserve, you should hire a lawyer who knows what evidence will help the claim. 

3. Strategic determination of who to implead in the case

If you underestimate the minor car accident you’ve been through and brush it aside, you may be surprised that the at-fault party had already filed a claim against your insurance policy. Unfortunately, the accident injury claim might come with exaggerations of what happened or even come with false statements. If this happens to you, seek the help of an experienced lawyer to ensure you get fair compensation. 

4. You will benefit from having legal representation.

Every case is different. As such, the liable person may differ for each case depending on what, how, and where the injury was caused. The lawyer for child injury knows who are the potentially liable parties to ensure or maximize compensability. There may be more than one responsible party if the negligence can be imputed against some or all of them. 

The liable parties include the following:

  • Negligent drivers or vehicle owners in automobile collisions
  • Dog owners 
  • Administrators of schools or daycare facilities where the child was injured
  • Manufacturers of the defective toys or household products
  • Property owners who fail to maintain the safety of the premises
  • Physicians or hospital owners for medical malpractice cases

4. Effective negotiation skills

Most of these liable parties have insurance policies that include liability coverage. The initial step then is to claim damages from their insurance provider. But this is not as easy as you think. While you can send a demand letter yourself and communicate with the claim adjuster, you may not know how to prove your claim and just end up with a lowball offer. But with a child injury lawyer California, your claim will be taken more seriously.  

Plus, the lawyer can establish your claim using the relevant evidence and supported by law and jurisprudence. Finally, to receive the highest compensation for your case, your lawyer will apply their enhanced negotiation skills through the years.

5. Get the proper medical care

Having legal representation in personal injury cases is not only about settling the claim but also about ensuring that the injured person gets the proper medical care. The lawyer for child injury will ensure that your child receives the appropriate treatment and counseling necessary. 

In addition, your child or relative will be sent to specialists depending on the injury sustained. The goal is that the victim child will receive the utmost medical and psychological care to recover from the traumatic experience.  

Let a Child Injury Lawyer California Advocate for Your Child

In choosing the child injury lawyer who will fight for your rights, you must consider the competence, experience, and previously settled cases of the lawyer. In lieu thereof, Farahi Law Firm should be on top of your list if the incident happened in California or to a California resident. We have proven compassionate legal representation because of our team’s dedication to advocating for clients.

If your child, sibling, or relative is involved in an accident, it is best to consult with our trusted child injury lawyer California as soon as the injury occurred. Farahi Law Firm will review your case, coordinate with you, and do everything to bring you the justice you deserve. You need not worry about the fee because you will not pay a single cent until we win!

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