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Bakersfield Dog Bite Lawyers

Although dogs have the reputation of being known as man’s best friend, they can sometimes act unpredictably around people they are unfamiliar with. Dogs attack or bite people if they are experiencing emotional distress or are in pain. 

Most often, this type of accident happens when a dog is provoked to attack due to fear of being startled. It is always good to be cautious around an unfamiliar dog. Be aware of the signs they exhibit that could signify discomfort or aggression, such as raised hackles (hairs on the back stand), growling or snapping, lip licking, and averting gaze. It is important to note that a wagging tail is not a definite sign that a dog is happy to see you. 

Dog bite accidents can lead to serious physical injury and expensive medical treatment. According to DogsBite, 46 dog bite victims died of fatal injuries in 2020. And around 14,025 American citizens are hospitalized annually due to dog bite attacks.

Farahi Law Firm, APC has years of experience handling claims involving animal attacks and bites. Have you or a loved one been injured in a dog bite attack? Our skilled Bakersfield dog bite lawyers will help you get the justice and compensation you deserve for your damages. 

Causes Of A Dog Bite

Despite their affectionate nature, a dog can still be unpredictable. Dogs tend to bite if they feel unsafe or unsure of their surroundings. Many factors can increase the chances of you or your loved one being a dog bite accident victim. It is important to keep in mind all of the factors that can lead to a dog becoming aggressive. The following are prime causes that could lead to a dog bite or attack:

  • If a canine is continuously kept on a leash or chain, there is an increased chance that the said dog will be aggressive and/or lack proper socialization skills with other dogs and people.
  • Male dogs are more likely to exhibit aggressive tendencies and account for a higher percentage of bites and attacks. 
  • Notwithstanding the previous fact, dominant, poorly trained, poorly socialized, and fearful female dogs will, and often do, bite children and their caregivers.
  • If there are two or more dogs in a yard without the dog owner present, there is a significantly higher chance of encountering or experiencing dog bites. 
  • The greater the number of dogs present heightens the risk for attacks, bites, or mauling which are associated with pack behavior.
  • Non-neutered or un-spayed dogs typically demonstrate higher levels of aggression.
  • Additional evidence shows that the number of dog bites goes up during the summer months due to a higher volume of people outside and the presence of more dogs.
  • The most common cause of deadly dog bites and harmful canine attacks is the owner of the dog, who neglects to properly train, supervise, or care for their animal.

Steps To Follow To Protect Your Rights After A Dog Bite Injury

Knowing what to do after an animal bite will ensure you receive the right medical care and financial compensation you deserve. It is best to work with an experienced attorney to improve the odds of your dog bite injury claim. Following a dog attack, here are some steps for you to take:

  • Call the police and ensure that they file a police report of the incident, don’t forget to get the details of your accident report.
  • Seek medical treatment right away. Even if your physical injuries seem minor, you could be suffering from nerve damage or internal injuries.
  • Note down the name, address, and phone number, and if possible, obtain insurance information from the pet owner.
  • Write down the name, address, and telephone number of any potential witnesses.
  • Photograph your wound, bruises, etc. before they are treated, to more precisely record the harm caused.
  • Write down the events and circumstances of the dog bite with as much detail as you can remember.
  • Keep track of your medical records and expenses, such as hospital bills, loss of income, and other expenses relating to your injury.
  • Report the incident to the Bakersfield Animal Control Unit. It will help deter potential dog attacks or bite incidents, and their investigation of the incident can support your case.
  • Contact an experienced dog bite attorney after the accident.

Who Is Responsible For Dog Bite Injuries?

When it comes to dog-bite cases, California is a state of “strict liability.” The dog owner is liable for any losses caused by a dog bite, despite the dog having never bitten anyone before the attack. As long as you were on public property and not trespassing on private property, you are within your rights to make a personal injury claim for your injuries. 

There is, however, an exemption for cases involving military or police dogs. You will not be able to file a personal injury claim in this case if the dog was defending itself from an annoying, harassing, or provoking act, or assisting an employee of the agency in any of the following:

  • In the apprehension or holding of a suspect where the employee has a reasonable suspicion of the suspect’s involvement in criminal activity.
  • In the investigation of a crime or possible crime.
  • In the execution of a warrant.
  • In the defense of a peace officer or another person.

Dog owners often carry insurance plans that will cover your monetary damages in the event of a dog bite. Based on the circumstances of your case, the following parties may be held liable for your damages:

  • Dog owner insurance
  • Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance
  • Personal umbrella liability policies
  • Auto liability insurance

What Damages Can You Recover In Dog Bite Injury Claims?

As a dog bite victim, you are eligible to gain monetary compensation from the at-fault party for any damages to your person. The damage compensation you are eligible to will depend on the severity of the injuries. These compensatory damages may include:

  • Medical bills,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Psychological counseling,
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Lost wages,
  • Loss of earnings,
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other non-economic losses
  • And more

Families of victims who have suffered fatal accident injuries from a dog attack or bite will be entitled to fair compensation by filing a wrongful death claim.

In some cases, the homeowner’s insurance can provide coverage for damages occurring on the property due to dog bites. Dog bites might also be covered by auto insurance policies, in the case, the injury is sustained in the motor vehicle of the owner. In rare cases, an owner could also have animal insurance. If there is no insurance company involved, you could still claim compensation for the pain and emotional trauma you endured.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations in Bakersfield?

Each state has a legal time limit called the “statute of limitations” that places a deadline to file personal injury claims. The statute of limitations on dog bite claims is two years in the state of California.

If a personal injury victim is injured by a police dog, a notice of claim must be filed with the police agency within six months from the incident. Once a notice of claim is filed you have another six months to file a lawsuit. Remember that you cannot file a personal injury lawsuit without filing a notice of claim first.

How Can Having a Bakersfield Personal Injury Attorney Help Your Dog Bite Claim?

Suffering from the injuries of a dog bite or attack can be debilitating and traumatizing. You could suffer from severe injuries and deal with life-long psychological trauma. Such severe injuries could lead to the loss of a limb, lost working days, numerous medical treatments, and various therapies. Catastrophic injuries can drastically change your way of life as well. 

Hiring a personal injury attorney specializing in dog bite accidents will help you get the justice you deserve by taking legal action against the responsible party. Oftentimes, insurance companies will try to lower the liability of their client to avoid offering a fair settlement. Without a legal professional on your side, insurance adjusters could trick you into lowering the value of your claim.

At Farahi Law Firm, not only will we help you get the proper medical attention needed to treat your injuries, but we also protect your rights by guiding you through the claims process.

Experienced Bakersfield Dog Bite Lawyers

A Bakersfield dog bite attorney can be instrumental in dealing with insurance carriers and ensuring you get the proper compensation needed. 

If you or a loved one suffered injuries from a dog bite or attack due to the negligent actions of a pet owner, you must consider speaking to Bakersfield dog bite lawyers. A personal injury attorney experienced in dog bite accidents will increase your chances of winning your claim. 

Our experienced team at Farahi Law Firm are here to offer you the legal counsel you need. Contact us or call today at (661) 669-7239 and schedule a free initial consultation and legal advice. We offer a no-fee policy guarantee, which means you don’t pay us a dime unless we win.


We can help you get the medical treatment you need and the maximum compensation you deserve.

Don’t worry about fees. We will not charge you anything unless we win — and we will. Call Farahi Law’s expert personal injury lawyers for FREE Consultation. Available 24/7

Free Case Evaluation

No Fees Unless we Win!