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Bakersfield Car Accident Lawyers: Reasons Why You Should Hire Them

Getting injured in auto accidents can be devastating. The resulting injuries and property damage can represent a heavy financial cost for you and your loved ones. But getting a personal injury attorney involved in your case gives you a fighting chance in getting the maximum compensation you deserve.

At first, you might think handling a car accident claim by yourself will be the easiest path to get compensated for the incident. While sure, just letting car insurance adjusters handle your compensation is easier, in the long run, it will net you more problems.

Why is this? Because the repercussions of a car collision can be taxing both on car accident victims’ finances and health in the short, medium, and long term. Not taking the proper measures to handle a car accident claim will take a toll on you that no one should go through.

That’s why you should contact a personal injury attorney who is experienced in car accident injuries to help you through the process. There’s no one better than Farahi Law Firm, APC for the job! Our expert legal team of lawyers, medical examiners, property damage adjusters, and case managers will help you through your case and win the maximum compensation for you.

Contact us today at (661) 669 – 7239 for a free consultation of your case. We will help you with no cost whatsoever! No fees unless we win.

How can the Farahi Law Firm help you in a car accident case?

With Farahi Law Firm, APC by your side you don’t have to worry about anything but your recovery from injuries after an accident. We can help you with any kind of accident that you were a victim of because of the negligence of others.

We specialize in diverse practice areas regarding personal injury, some of which are:

  1. Car Accidents
  2. Motorcycle Accidents
  3. Slip and Fall Accidents
  4. Truck Accidents
  5. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  6. Pedestrian Accidents
  7. Product Liability
  8. Wrongful Death

Regardless of the type of accident you were the victim of, we will be with you every step of the way to get you the medical treatment you need and win the money you deserve for all the troubles an irresponsible individual made you go through.

Get expert Legal representation for your case

Bakersfield Car Accident Lawyers - How Farahi Law firm will help you through your car accident lawyer

Farahi Law Firm boasts a multilingual and diverse team composed of case managers, medical examiners, demand writers, litigators, property damage evaluators, and customer service agents with only one mission: Help you get the medical treatment you need and win for you the money you deserve.

Our unique way of handling client’s cases and inquiries has won us multiple awards for our work in the field of personal injury.

The way our team will help you with your case is the following:

  1. Our expert customer service and intake department will give you the necessary guidance for your case.
  2. You meet your highly qualified case manager
  3. We do a thorough evaluation of your injuries and property damage
  4. We put you in contact with the best doctors to get the best medical treatment for your injuries
  5. We collect the necessary evidence and open your property damage claim
  6. Your attorneys evaluate the case on your behalf
  7. Request and collect the necessary medical billings for your treatment
  8. Prepare your demands against the party at fault
  9. Aggressively negotiate with insurance adjusters your rightful settlement amount
  10. If the negotiations are successful, we’ll agree on your settlement amount with the other parties involved
  11. If they aren’t we’ll take your case into litigation and will fight on your behalf in a court of law
  12. After your case is settled, we’ll negotiate the medical expenses for your treatment
  13. Handle the distribution of all costs, fees, and your settlement payment
  14. Close the case

We will be with you from start to finish, and handle everything so you can rest easy and focus on recuperating from your injuries. Not leaving you in the dark regarding your process is our priority and will always communicate with you regarding any changes or steps we’ll take on your behalf.

Building a healthy and pleasant relationship with our clients is one of our greatest pleasures, and having their trust empowers us to do whatever is possible during the car accident claiming for them to get back on their feet as if the incident never happened.

How much is your accident worth

Calculating the value of a Los Angeles car accident claim is not a simple process. Because all car accidents are different in nature, different factors must be considered when evaluating how much your claim is truly worth.

First and foremost, we must take into account the damages incurred that can be awarded to you, these are divided into Economic and Non-economic damages. Depending on the value of these damages your personal injury lawyer will be able to calculate the true value of your case.

The way damages work in a car accident claim are:

Economic Damages: Also called direct damages they are awarded for the tangible losses in a car accident and look to compensate you for the monetary losses incurred from the incident like:

Be mindful that leaving your car accident claim to be handled by insurance companies will substantially lower the cost of the damage since instead of looking to help you out recover your losses, insurance carriers are more concerned with getting rid of you r claim and pay the least amount possible.

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Other material losses

Non-economic damages: the second piece in the puzzle to determine the value of your case. These account for subjective losses, meaning they are awarded to compensate you for intangible losses and things that are difficult to put in a monetary value, these are normally:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of life’s enjoyment
  • Quality of life reduction

By calculating these damages our team of expert attorneys and case handlers can pinpoint the real value of your case and fight tooth and nail for you to get the rightful compensation you deserve.

How Farahi Law Firm helps you calculate your economic damages

Statement of Facts - Bakersfield Car Accident Lawyers

When we handle a car accident claim for you, our case managers will coordinate with our property damage and medical teams to get the true value of your case and handle the proper documentation.

To get the real value of your property damage we will:

  • Open insurance claims and send out letters of representation
  • Request and submit all pertinent documentation to properly open a property damage claim (SR-1 and SR-19 forms)
  • Request traffic collision reports
  • Request and analyze all evidence available
  • Submit policy limits and asset searches
  • Draft and send out loss of use and property damage demands
  • Submit public records request
  • Get your vehicle to the best body shops available for repairs

Likewise our team of medical examiners will get for you the real value of your injuries and will not let you get low balled with offers or suffer from inflated medical bills by the ones who want to take advantage of your convalescent condition. Our medical examiners and billing department will make sure that:

  • Refer you to the best doctors available to start the treatment for your injuries
  • Make sure all medical records and bills are completed
  • Communicate with all the hospitals and clinics you have visited for treatment
  • Prepare and submit medical bills request
  • Collect and review billings and compare them to medical records
  • Follow up with all the facilities you visit for upcoming treatment
Bakersfield Car Accident Lawyers - How Farahi Law Firm helps you calculate your economic damages

Common Types of Vehicular Accidents in Bakersfield

Around 6.7 million vehicular accidents happen yearly in the United States. Just as not every personal injury is the same, the same applies to car accidents. Depending on the type of accident one might get involved in will determine the damage to the vehicle and in some cases the kind of injuries one can suffer after the incident.

The most common types of car accidents are:

  1. Head-on collisions: they are considered the deadliest type of accident. It involves two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction, and as such the forces at play can leave the drivers and passengers seriously injured.
  1. Rear-end collisions: They are categorically the most common type of car accident, rear-end collisions account for about 30% of all motor vehicle crashes. They occur when the front bumper collides with another car’s rear. Normally the driver that hits someone in the back bumper is commonly at fault.
  1. Sideswipes: When two cars are traveling in parallel, and their sides impact one another it is called a sideswipe or side-impact collision. They can occur when one of the cars tries to overtake a car without noticing them or fails to merge in another lane, hitting the vehicle beside them.
  1. T-bone accidents: They happen when one car crashes head-on into the side of another car while traveling at high speed. This kind of accident is especially dangerous for the driver or passenger depending on the side of impact since they are the ones receiving the brunt force of impact.
  1. Chain reaction accidents: Happens when vehicles are traveling too close to one another or road conditions are poor, and a single-vehicle collision makes other vehicles get involved.
  1. Rollover accidents: these accidents happen when one or more vehicles in an accident end up on their side or upside down. They can be categorized as tripped rollovers and untripped rollovers.

Tripped rollovers happen when an object on the road causes a car to flip over. An untripped rollover happens when the driver loses control while trying to avoid an object or person on the road causing them to flip on their side or on the back of the vehicle.

  1. Low-Speed contact accidents: While normally having minor repercussions and are not overall deadly, are frequent. Normally they are caused when a driver tries to drive through tight spaces. Commonly they are categorized as accidents that happen at 10 miles per hour or less.
  1. Single vehicle accidents:

    They involve only one vehicle and happen when a driver crashes into another object like a tree, a fence, or a streetlamp. Young drivers traveling at high speeds or driving aggressively are common causes for single-vehicle accidents. Weather conditions also play a role in single-vehicle accidents and with 21% of all motor vehicle accidents being weather-related.

How to protect your rights after a car accident

We know emotions are running high after a car accident, but we shouldn’t let the heat of the moment make us do something rash or make a wrong decision that would hurt our accident claim in the long run.

After a car accident you shouldn’t:

  • Flee the scene: fleeing a vehicular accident scene could result in criminal charges filed against you
  • Admit guilt: You should never admit or allude to being liable in a car accident. Have extra care about what you say when exchanging information with other parties involved or witnesses.
  • Place immediate blame: While you should not admit guilt or wrongdoing on your part, you also should not point fingers right away. Let the police give an initial liability assessment in their report
  • Talk openly to insurance adjusters: Never talk to insurance adjusters after an accident, even if it is your own. It is best to contact a personal injury attorney to help you deal with insurance companies as they will secure better compensation and treatment than the adjuster would.
Bakersfield Car Accident Lawyers - 10 steps to take after car accident

Our expert attorneys are here for you!

Do not let anyone take advantage of you after being injured in a car accident. Our Bakersfield car accident attorneys are here to help you through the personal injury claiming process.

When filing a personal injury claim, insurance adjusters will try to hound you and diminish your claim, with the help of our Bakersfield and Los Angeles car accident lawyers, you’ll be safe from their meddling so you can rest easy and get the medical treatment you need for your injuries.

We will walk you through the whole claiming process with no cost whatsoever for you. Our no-fee guarantee means that you don’t have to pay anything until we win your case. Contact our Bakersfield car accident attorneys today at (661) 669–7239  for your FREE case evaluation.

Bakersfield Car Accident Lawyers

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