9-Year-Old Girl Dies in Motorcycle Collision

Riverside, California – A motorcycle collision on the Lake Elsinore off-road trail resulted in the death of a 9-year-old girl. The tragic event occurred on Sunday, June 2, when the little girl was riding an electric motorcycle and suddenly collided with another young motorcycle rider. 

Authorities from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call quickly. Upon arrival at the scene, they found the girl on the ground, with some people around trying to revive her.

The other juvenile rider sustained minor injuries and was promptly treated. 

In an Instagram post, Lake Elsinore Sportbike Park commented, “We are truly sad about this situation. It was an unexpected accident.” The post showed a photo of the girl wearing her pink and white outfit with a motorcycle helmet. “We are a community and will do what we can to provide support to her family”. 

The girl was a resident of San Diego County, in the city of Vista and she was visiting the park to enjoy a day with her family. 

This sad accident highlights the dangers our children face. While a recreational activity or a day at an amusement park may sound like a pleasant experience, in the blink of an eye, fatal accidents can take over our lives. 

We are really sorry about this loss. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends. 


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