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Drinking and driving are the most irresponsible and selfish acts that someone could perform, as it could cost lives. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016, 10,497 people died in alcohol-impaired-driving crashes.

At least 2.03% of those deaths were children 14 years and younger, and 115 of these kids were passengers on vehicles with drivers who had blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels of 0.08 g/dL or higher. (Remember that it is illegal to drive with a BAC level of 0.08g/dL or higher in all States).

The most shocking thing was that 92% of these accidents occurred in clear/cloudy conditions, and only 6% in rainy conditions, so the weather wasn’t a crucial factor in these incidents. 

On the other hand, the NHTSA states that 70% of these accidents happened in the dark, 20% in daylight, 3% during dusk, and only 1% during dawn. Therefore, these incidents are more related to the time people usually party. That’s why the average alcohol impairment among the drivers involved in those fatal crashes was 3.3 higher at night than during the day. 

Have you or a loved one been injured in an alcohol-impaired driving crash? Contact Farahi Law Firm. Our drunk driving accident lawyers in Torrance have years of experience helping innocent people in the whole state. Your case will be our priority. Call us at (310) 544-8347.

How Does Alcohol Affect Your Driving Skills?

The American Addiction Centers (AAC) states that high BAC levels produces some side effects and impairments that could reduce your ability to control a vehicle, such as:

  • Slowed reflexes and reaction time,
  • Slurred speech,
  • Blackouts, and memory loss,
  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Heartbeat, breathing, and blood pressure changes,
  • Loss of physical coordination,
  • Passing out,
  • Reduced information processing capability,
  • Reduce coordination,
  • Decline in visual functions,
  • Loss ability to track moving objects,
  • Divided attention,
  • Difficulty steering,
  • Reduced response to emergency driving situations,
  • Speed control.

The Legal Definition Of Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence (DUI), better known as drunk driving, is defined by the California Vehicle Code as “operating a motor vehicle while the BAC level is at or above the limit at which a person cannot drive safely.”

The illegal BAC level depends on what kind of driver you are:

  • Under 21 years and on DUI probation, drivers cannot have a BAC level at or above 0.01g/dl.
  • Commercial motor vehicles drivers cannot have a BAC level at or above 0.04g/dl.
  • Over 21 years, drivers cannot have a BAC level at or above 0.8g/dl.

Take in mind that there are some medical conditions and factors that affect how your body metabolizes alcohol, therefore your BAC levels. For example: 

  • How much food did you eat before/during drinking?
  • What type of alcohol did you drink?
  • How much alcohol did you drink?
  • How long did it take you to drink all that alcohol?

There are also important for the BAC level: your gender, height, and weight.

Tips For Recognizing a Drunk Driver In Torrance

To be a defensive driver requires to know when another car on the road might have a drunk driver at the wheel. Some elements would help you spot him/her, such as:

  • Trouble staying in the lane
  • Running over curbs
  • Sharp or jerky turns
  • Sudden maneuvers
  • Failing to maintain speed 
  • Stopping short of a traffic signal
  • Crossing the centerline or a double-yellow line
  • Failing to signal

Night driving without lights 

What To Do If You Spot a Drunk Driver

If you suspect the driver of another vehicle is drunk, you must:

  • Stay far behind the alleged drunk driver to avoid any crash. Remember that drunk drivers often stop abruptly. 
  • Be sure that you and your passengers are all correctly and safely wearing your seat belts. 
  • If it’s safe to do, stop and pull off the road. 
  • Call 911 and report the location, direction of travel, description of the car, and the behavior of the driver. 
  • Do not attempt to stop the drunk driver’s car on your own.

What to do when you were involved in a drunk driving accident in Torrance

If you or a loved one have been involved in a drunk driving crash, you have to focus on everybody’s safety and call 911. The Police must be on the scene on the accident, and you will probably need an ambulance.

Do not forget to gather the contact information from the DUI driver, as well as her/his insurance info, plate number, and license. Remember that the statement of any witness will help your case, so collect their contact information too.

If you can move, take as many photos as possible from different perspectives. It is also essential that you ask the police officers the number of the accident report, so you can request a copy, and call your insurance company.

At last, contact Farahi Law Firm.  Our drunk driving accident lawyers are the best in Torrance. We will work hard to obtain the justice you deserve and the money you are entitled to. Call us at (310) 544- 8347.

Who Is Held Responsible For a Drunk Accident In Torrance?

By definition, a drunk driver is driving negligently; therefore, he/she is committing a crime. Besides, these motorists perform different irresponsible acts at the same time, like speeding, sudden maneuvers, or passing the stop signs.

However, it is not as easy to hold a DUI driver legally liable through a personal injury claim. You will need to build a strong case based on reliable, well-presented evidence. Our skilled drunk driving accident lawyers will help you with that and work hard to obtain the justice you deserve.

The evidence in drunk driving accident cases can come in different forms, such as:

  • Dash Cam or CCTV footage
  • Photographs of the accident
  • Police reports
  • Arrest records
  • Witness testimonies
  • Evidence presented in a criminal trial
  • A conviction for drunk driving

Damages We Will Recover For You

If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a DUI crash, you are entitled to monetary compensation. Among the damages our drunk driving accident lawyers will recover for you are:

  • Vehicle repairs or replacement
  • Loss of income
  • Present, past, and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Emotional distress
  • Psychological treatment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical impairment
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Punitive damages

If, sadly, a loved one died in a DUI crash, we are deeply sorry for your loss. The best option for you is to bring a case against the drunk driver. Our attorneys will file a wrongful death claim to obtain the justice you deserve. The damages may include hospital bills, funeral expenses, lost future income, property damages, emotional suffering, and loss of care and service.

The Difference Between a Criminal Case and Civil Case

After a drunk driving accident that results in an injury to another person, the DUI driver would face criminal charges. Note that any criminal case brought against the driver will be a completely different legal proceeding from a civil personal injury case.

If you were injured in an alcohol-impaired crash, you have to file a personal injury claim in civil court. While the criminal charges could be dismissed, you can hold the drunk driver responsible for his/her negligent conduct and get the financial compensation you deserve.

The best course of action is hiring a skilled drunk driving accident lawyer who fights for your rights and obtains the justice you deserve after the trauma endured.

Remember that at Farahi Law Firm, we are always available. We will accompany you through the whole process and solve all your doubts.

Having a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Will Be An Asset

At Farahi Law Firm, we have the most skilled drunk driving accident lawyers in Torrance. They will guide you through the whole process and deal with the insurance company, so you do not have to talk to the adjuster.

We will always look after your interests, so let us handle the settlement negotiations. You can be sure that our drunk driving accident lawyers in Torrance will get the maximum compensation possible.

To do that, please do not sign any document without consulting us and never give a recorded statement to the adjuster. Remember that you have no obligation to do it. You will be surprised how many times insurance companies try to push some of the blame into the injured victim to reduce liability. 

Besides, only your drunk driving accident lawyers will be able to get the answers to the following questions:

  • What was the BAC level of the drunk driver?
  • Where was the driver drinking before the car accident?
  • Does the driver have a medical condition that impacts his/her judgement when combined with even a low level of alcohol?
  • Does the driver have a low tolerance for drinking alcohol?
  • Could it be proved that the defendant arrived and left the place of drinking in a motor vehicle?

We will carry out a thorough investigation to get this information to prove the negligent conduct of the defendant. Your remedies will be respected. We will take care of it.

Contact Farahi Law Firm

Have you been injured in a DUI crash in Torrance? Contact Farahi Law Firm, our experienced drunk driving accident lawyers will work hard to obtain the justice you deserve and the monetary compensation you are entitled to. We are available 24/7. Call us at (310) 544-8347

Drunk Driving Accident FAQs:

Your case value depends on the severity of your injuries and if the driver was criminally convicted of DUI. Contact us to know the exact value of your case!

The DUI lawsuit must be brought within two years of the date of the accident unless the plaintiff is a minor. In that case, you have until her/his 19th birthday to file the claim. However, when a public entity is involved in the accident, you only have six months.

California applies the rule of comparative negligence. This means that even if you are partially responsible for an accident, you will be able to collect a portion of the damages. The only difference will be that your monetary award would be reduced by the amount of fault you had in the accident.

In a drunk  driving accident claim, other defendants may bear partial, or total, liability for the crash, such as:

  • Parents of drunk teenagers. Could be liable if their kids provoked a DUI accident.
  • Hosts.  People who served alcoholic drinks in parties or gatherings could be liable if one of their guests causes a DUI crash. The law is especially stern with those who provide alcohol to guests after they were inebriated. 
  • Bar/restaurant staff and owners. They could be held responsible for drunk driving accidents if they did not stop serving customers that appear to be intoxicated.

As your attorneys, we should explore all the possibilities that lead to the negligent act and the DUI crash.

It is possible. Almost all of the cases settle out of court. Insurance companies are afraid to go to trial when their insured has been drinking and driving.

No. Our drunk driving accident lawyers will evaluate your case free of charge.  Also, we have a strict policy that you do not have to pay a fee until we win.

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