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Drunk driving accidents keep claiming lives. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016, at least 10,497 people died in alcohol-impaired-driving crashes, an average of 1 death every 50 minutes. 

These fatalities were 28% of all motor vehicle traffic deaths in the country during 2016. The blood alcohol content (BAC) was higher than the level allowed by the law (0.08g/dL) in 62% of the drivers. The other victims were passengers (29%), and pedestrians and cyclists. (9%).

While it is illegal to drive with a BAC level of 0.08g/dL in all United States, 54% of the drivers involved in the crashes had BAC levels at or above 0.15g/dL.

Sadly, California was one of the three states with more alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities, since it placed second with 1,059 deaths. The other two were Texas with 1,438 victims and Florida with 841 fatalities.

Were you or a loved one injured in a similar crash in Torrance? Contact Farahi Law Firm. Our experienced drunk driving accident lawyers will advocate for your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve after the pain and trauma endured. Call us at (310) 744-8015

What Does the Law Say About Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving, legally known as driving under the influence (DUI), is defined by the California Vehicle Code as “operating a motor vehicle while the BAC is at or above the limit at which a person cannot drive safely.”

The unlawful BAC level is determined by your age or what kind of driver you are:

  • Drivers under 21 years cannot have a BAC level at or above 0.01g/dl.
  • Drivers on DUI probation cannot have a BAC level at or above 0.01g/dl.
  • Drivers for commercial motor vehicles cannot have a BAC level at or above 0.04g/dl.
  • Drivers over 21 years cannot have a BAC level at or above 0.8g/dl.

Note that many factors affect how your body metabolizes alcohol; therefore, they can also affect your BAC levels. These factors include: 

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Gender
  • What type of alcohol did you drink?
  • Did you eat before drinking/while you were drinking?
  • How much alcohol did you drink?
  • Do you have any medical conditions, like diabetes?

Of course, it is also essential to the time during which you consumed alcoholic drinks, but what are the effects of higher blood alcohol concentration in your ability to drive?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  after 4 alcoholic drinks (BAC level of 0.08g/dL) and you go behind the wheel, you may experience:

  • A decline in visual functions (rapid tracking in a moving target)
  • A declined ability to multitask (divided attention)
  • Reduced ability to track moving objects
  • Loss of concentration
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Loss of control of the speed of the vehicle
  • Reduced information processing capability (e.g. signal detection, visual search)
  • Visual perception problems 
  • Impaired coordination
  • Difficulty steering
  • Reduced response to emergency driving situations

Take in mind that 4 drinks is the approximate amount of alcohol that a 160-pound man would need to drink in one hour to reach the BAC level of 0.08g/dL. Therefore, if you have been drinking, please do not drive!

Signs to Spot a Drunk Driver

If you want to be safe on the road, you need to know the signs that would help you spot the drunk and negligent drivers.  Remember that their actions could damage and kill innocent people.

Drunk drivers tend to:

  • Have trouble staying in the lane
  • Run over curbs
  • Make sharp or jerky turns
  • Maneuver suddenly
  • Faile to maintain speed 
  • Stop short on a traffic signal
  • Cross the centerline 
  • Fail to signal
  • Night drive without lights 

If you suspect the driver of another vehicle is drunk, you have to:

  • Stay far behind the suspected drunk driver, avoiding any possible accident.
  • Be sure that you and all your passengers are wearing your seatbelts. 
  • Stop and pull off the road if it’s safe to do so. 
  • Call 911 and report the behavior of the driver, his location, driving direction, and the description of the car. 

Have you been Injured in a Drunk Driving Accident in San Pedro?

Have you or a loved one ever been injured in a drunk driving crash? You have to be prepared to react quickly. Your safe, as well as your passengers, would depend on what you do in the next minutes.

  • Breathe and check that everybody is fine.
  • Call 911. You would need an ambulance and the Police on the scene of the accident. 
  • Remember to collect the following information from the drunk driver:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Plate number
    • License number
    • Insurance information
  • Gather the contact information of any witness. His/her statement will help your case.
  • To build a strong case, you will evidence, so take as many photos as possible from different perspectives. 
  • Your attorneys will require a copy of the accident report, so do not forget to ask the police officers the number of the document.
  • Contact your insurance company.

Call us at (310) 744-8015. Our drunk driving accident lawyers are the most experienced in San Pedro. They will deal with the insurance company to obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact Farahi Law Firm today. We are available 24/7.

Who is Liable for a Drunk Accident in San Pedro?

Although any drunk driver is committing a crime when he/she decides to go behind the wheel after drinking, it is not always easy to hold the driver liable through a personal injury claim. 

As your lawyers, we need reliable evidence to build a strong case. The best options for that are:

  • A conviction for drunk driving
  • Police reports 
  • Arrest records
  • Photographs of the accident
  • Dashcam or CCTV footage
  • Witness testimonies
  • Evidence presented in a criminal trial

The Difference Between Criminal Case and Civil Case

Whenever there’s a drunk driving accident, and someone gets injured, the DUI driver faces criminal charges. However, that doesn’t mean that the victim would obtain immediate monetary compensation. 

If you were injured in a DUI crash, you have to file a personal injury claim in civil court. The criminal case brought against the driver will be a completely different legal proceeding from your civil personal injury case.

In case the criminal charges are dismissed, you will still be able to hold the drunk driver responsible for his/her negligent conduct and get the financial compensation you deserve.

To obtain the justice you deserve, you must hire the most experienced drunk driving accident lawyers. Those who will fight for your legal remedies and obtain the damages you are entitled to.

Remember that, at Farahi Law Firm, we are always available for you. Call us at (310) 744-8015

Damages You Are Entitled After a Drunk Driving Accident

Were you or a loved one injured in a DUI crash? You are entitled to compensation. Our drunk driving accident lawyers will recover damages that may include:

  • Present, past, and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical impairment
  • Psychological treatment
  • Vehicle repairs or replacement
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Punitive damages

If the DUI crash was fatal, we are deeply sorry for your loss. Now, you have to seek justice. Our drunk driving accident lawyers will file a wrongful death claim to obtain the compensation you are entitled to. The damages may include: 

  • hospital bills, 
  • funeral expenses, 
  • lost future income, 
  • property damages, 
  • emotional suffering, and 
  • loss of care and service.

Having a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer as an Asset

Dealing with insurance companies is not an easy task, especially after being injured or losing a loved one in a DUI crash. You have no idea how many times the adjusters try to reduce liability, pushing some of the blame onto the victim. That is why you need a drunk driving accident lawyer on your side.

At Farahi Law Firm, we have the most skilled and experienced attorneys in this practice area. They will guide you through the whole process and deal with the insurance company, so you do not have to talk to the adjuster.

Let us handle the settlement negotiations. You can be sure that our drunk driving accident lawyers will get the maximum compensation possible.

Contact Farahi Law Firm

Were you or a loved one involved in a DUI crash in San Pedro? Contact Farahi Law Firm, our skilled drunk driving accident lawyers in San Pedro will be on your side 24/7. They will work hard to obtain the justice you deserve. Call us at (310) 744-8015

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Drunk Driving Accident Case Worth?

It will depend on the severity of your injuries and if the driver was criminally convicted of DUI.

How Long do I Have to File my Drunk Driving Accident Claim?

Any DUI lawsuit must be brought within two years of the date of the accident unless the plaintiff is a minor. In that case, you have until her/his 19th birthday to file the claim. Nonetheless, when a public entity is involved in the accident, you only have six months.

I was Involved in a DUI Accident, But I was Partially at Fault, Can I File a Claim?

California applies the rule of comparative negligence, which means that you could still get partial compensation of the damages related to the accident.

Will my Drunk Driving Accident Case Settle out of Court?

Yes. 90% of the cases are settled out of court because insurance companies are afraid to go to trial when their insured is a drunk driver.

Who else is Liable for a Drunk Driving Accident?

Other defendants may bear partial, or total, liability for the accident, like parents of drunk teenagers, hosts of parties, and bar/restaurant staff/owners. The law is especially stern with those who provide alcohol to people after they were inebriated. 

As your attorneys, we should explore all the possibilities that lead to the negligent act and the DUI crash.

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