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Injured in an accident? The best lawyers in Southern California are here for you. Farahi Law firm, APC is dedicated to getting victims of auto accidents the medical treatment they need and win for them the maximum compensation they deserve.

We know being in an accident is extremely taxing physical, emotional, and financially wise. But with us by your side through the personal injury claiming process, you can forget about all the stress and focus fully on recovering your health

Call us at (818) 949-1881 for a free consultation of your case today your justice is our cause.

Why you should choose Farahi Law firm to represent your case

Farahi Law Firm, APC prides itself in given our client a true customer-driven experience. Unlike other law firms that would only take your case to churn it out for a few dollars. We on the other hand are here to help you out and get you the appropriate treatment for your injuries. Winning the maximum compensation is our only priority and will do everything in our hands to see you get compensated for all the troubles the negligence of others has made you go through.

Throughout the years we have:

  • Won millions in settlements for our clients
  • Provided personalized attention and excellent customer service to our clients
  • Give our clients access to all the medical treatment and procedures they need
  • Handled thousands of insurance claims without our clients having to worry about insurance adjusters or companies
  • Given our clients peace of mind to focus on healing
  • Uphold our no-fee guarantee, there are no fees until we win your case

No matter if you are in a car accident or any other kind of accident, our expert team of personal injury attorneys is specialized in a myriad of practice areas such as:

  1. Car accidents
  2. Trucking accidents
  3. Traumatic Brain Injuries
  4. Motorcycle accidents
  5. Product liability
  6. Slip and Fall accidents
  7. Wrongful death

Get the best Legal representation for your case

Panorama City Car Accident Lawyers - How Farahi Law firm will help you through your car accident lawyer

Our multilingual and diverse team of customer service agents, case managers, property damage investigators, demand writers, medical examiners, and attorneys will make the car accident claiming process and lawsuit be as easy as it can get for you.

We will handle all the paperwork, evidence collection, and overall legal matters so you can focus solely on recovering your health and get back to the place you were before the accident.

The way we handle your case is:

  1. Our expert customer service and intake department will give you the necessary guidance for your case.
  2. You meet your highly qualified case manager
  3. We do a thorough evaluation of your injuries and property damage
  4. We put you in contact with the best doctors to get the best medical treatment for your injuries
  5. We collect the necessary evidence and open your property damage claim
  6. Your attorneys evaluate the case on your behalf
  7. Request and collect the necessary medical billings for your treatment
  8. Prepare your demands against the party at fault
  9. Aggressively negotiate with insurance adjusters your rightful settlement amount
  10. If the negotiations are successful, we’ll agree on your settlement amount with the other parties involved
  11. If they aren’t we’ll take your case into litigation and will fight on your behalf in a court of law
  12. After your case is settled, we’ll negotiate the medical expenses for your treatment
  13. Handle the distribution of all costs, fees, and your settlement payment
  14. Close the case

Common Causes for Car Accidents

Panorama Car Accident Lawyers - Common Causes for Car Accidents

Being part of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, Panorama City is located in one of the most densely populated areas of the United States. Because of this, there a lot of vehicles on the road and more than once, drivers that partake in reckless behavior that leads to an accident.

The most common causes for accidents in Panorama City are:

  • Distracted Driving: Most accidents in California are the product of drivers being distracted while behind the wheel. Texting while driving, eating, or doing another task divide your attention making it borderline impossible to keep concentrated on the road.
  • Speeding: The second most common cause of accidents, it is often paired with other risky behaviors on the road. Running a red light or overall going over the speed limit can make the car harder to control in case something unexpected happens on the road leading to a serious collision.
  • Road Conditions: Badly maintained roads, potholes, improper signage, and other factors can be a catalyst for accidents. A road without proper maintenance can pop your tires or inhibit your ability to brake properly.
  • Weather conditions: The weather can also play a big part in traffic accidents. Roads can become slippery because of rain, hail, or snow, affecting your traction.

How Insurance companies try to lower the value of your case

When you get in an accident with a negligent party, their insurance adjusters will do everything in their power to try to lower your compensation. And while they might tell you that they just want to help you and that you will be fairly treated by them it is not so simple.

Insurance adjusters are trained to use coercion and persuasion tactics to convince you about either dropping claims, admitting guilt, or outright not do anything after an accident. Here are some tactics adjusters use to lower your compensation and dismantle your personal injury claim.

1. Try to make you admit fault even when you had none: Insurance companies know that you will be in a difficult emotional state after an accident. It is normal to feel somewhat guilty after an accident even when it wasn’t your fault.

Insurance adjusters will try to take advantage of this and will coerce you into admitting you were at fault or at least partially responsible for the accident.

The way adjusters play the blaming game is by asking you seemingly innocent questions like “What could you have done to prevent the accident?”

That way they will find ways to make you contradict yourself and even make you look as if the accident was your fault.

2. Tell you that you don’t need a lawyer: It is known that insurance companies fear lawyers getting involved in a personal injury case. Getting an experienced attorney involved in your case quickly is a surefire way to guard yourself against all the tricks and tactics insurance companies use to lower your compensation.

Just as well, with a personal injury attorney by your side, you will receive the maximum compensation for your injuries, contrary to just letting insurance adjusters handle your claim and compensation.

3. Getting recorded statements: Adjusters will try to rush you into a conversation, and while they must get the facts and information of the accident, it can also be used as a tool to get unfavorable admission so your claim can be lowered.

Never give any information aside from what is necessary, and if you can wait to get an attorney involved with your case before you give any statements it will be better for you in the long run.

4. Request signed authorization to go over your medical records: Getting their hands on your medical records can be another way insurance adjusters will try to deny liability for their insured.

It is not uncommon for them to request authorization to see records completely unrelated to your accident to try to tie past conditions to your present injuries and minimize your compensation as a result.

Another way they use your treatment against you is by recommending an Independent Medical Exam. Which far from being independent, will be normally conducted by a physician recommended by the insurance company and used against you.

Always be careful about what the insurance adjusters ask you to sign, it is better to wait until your personal injury attorney has reviewed your case and can handle all the legal procedures to protect your claim from this kind of predatory tactic.

5. Putting surveillance on you: One of the most egregious tactics insurance companies use to minimize a victim’s injuries is putting surveillance on you.

Just having someone stay around in front of your house to watch you pick boxes or do trivial stuff like mowing your lawn can be a weapon for them to say you aren’t as gravelly injured as you claimed.

Surveillance plays got even worse with the advent of social media, it is not uncommon now for insurance agents to comb through your social media feed like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, to try to find some incriminating evidence to deny your pain and suffering.

With us by your side, you won’t have to deal with insurance companies or adjusters trying to take advantage of your condition. Our attorneys are trained and prepared for everything an adjuster will try to lower your compensation.

We get the real value of your case

When you file a personal injury claim there are several damages that you can be awarded to compensate for the troubles a negligent party might have caused. These are divided between economic and non-economic damages

Economic Damages

Also called Direct Damages, these are awarded to compensate the victim for any tangible losses and costs that were incurred from the accident. Aimed to financially help the victim recover to where they would’ve been had the accident not happened.

Usually, they are calculated by the monetary losses of the victim, they include:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Missed days from work and lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • General material losses from the accident

One of the most important damages to look out for is the property damage value, to get the correct amounts that you should be compensated for our property damage team does the following:

  • Open insurance claims and send out letters of representation
  • Request and submit all pertinent documentation to properly open a property damage claim (SR-1 and SR-19 forms)
  • Request traffic collision reports
  • Request and analyze all evidence available
  • Submit policy limits and asset searches
  • Draft and send out loss of use and property damage demands
  • Submit a public records request
  • Get your vehicle to the best body shops available for repairs

On the other hand, medical treatment and bills can pile up real quick putting you in a serious financial struggle, but having Farahi Law Firm handling your case our expert medical examiners and billing teams will:

  • Connect you with the best doctors available for all your treatments
  • Make sure all records and hospital bills are checked
  • Communicate with hospitals and clinics you have visited for treatment
  • Prepare and submit requests
  • Collect and review medical billing records
  • Follow up with hospitals and clinics if needed
  • Handle the payment of your treatment without you needing to worry about it

Non-Economic Damages

On the other hand, non-economic damages, also called subjective damages are awarded to compensate the victim for losses that cannot 4be assigned a monetary value because of their subjective nature.

Compensation for non-economic damages includes:

  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Reduction of quality of life
  • Loss of Consortium

Because of the nature of these damages, insurance adjusters seek to take advantage of your emotional state to lower your compensation.

There is a third type of special damages that can be awarded. These are called punitive damages which are made to dissuade and punish the party at fault for harasses the victim or acts in an ill-willed manner towards them.

Panorama Car Accident Lawyers - What can Our Lawyer Recover for You

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Thankfully we are here to help because you care and we care too! Our team is ready to fight by your side to win for you the maximum compensation possible for an accident where you had no fault.

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