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    During this health crisis, some businesses are putting their workers on furlough. It is a temporary unpaid leave from work resorted to as a cost-saving measure. However, unscrupulous employers may use this as an excuse to violate your employee rights. Protect yourself from such abuse!

    Know when your rights as a furloughed worker have been violated.

    Furlough – what is it?

    Furlough is an employer-mandated leave from work for a determined time.  You can be furloughed for as short a time as a few weeks, or as long as months.  Different measures can still count as furlough, depending on the type of employee you are:

    Furlough VS Layoff

    Furloughmeans there is a continuing employer-employee relationship. Furloughed workers retain their employments rights and benefits. Once this status is lifted, these employees automatically resume work as usual.

    Layoff, on the other hand, constitutes a break in the employer-employee relationship. This means a termination of employment rights and benefits. However, laid off workers will be given their final wages, accrued PTO, and workers’ compensation before they are let go.



    For a definite or determinate time



    Employee will certainly return to work



    Employee is considered terminated



    Employer is liable to pay the final pay

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    If You Have Been Furloughed, You Could Be Entitled to Your Final Pay

    Under California laws, a furloughed employee is entitled to his or her final pay in three scenarios:

    If any of these conditions apply to your case, you are entitled to receive your final pay on the same day you were furloughed, including unspent vacation days and other PTOs.

    Is there a penalty for non-payment of a final pay?

    If the employer fails to give you your final pay in the same day you were furloughed, he or she will be penalized. For every day of delay, the employer will need to pay a penalty equivalent to a one-day wage of the employee. The maximum penalty that can be imposed is equivalent to a 30-day wage.

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    Your Employer Has to Notify You In Case of Turning Your Furlough into a Lay-Off

    There used to be a 60-day notice requirement under CalWARN before employers could declare a mass lay-off. However, due to the extraordinary situation, businesses can go from a furlough to a layoff without the 60-day notice if they:

    CalWARN covers businesses that employ 75 workers and above. Smaller businesses that employ less are not covered by CalWARN, which meanscan close business overnight without following these measures. 

    How do I know if my employment rights have been violated?

    Your employment rights have been violated if:

    Employee rights violations are not limited to just these situations. If you suspect that your rights have been violated in any way,

    What are my other rights if I have been furloughed?

    Furloughed workers retain the right to:

    • Seek new employment;
    • Take temporary jobs while waiting for work resumption while not breaching contractual obligations; and
    • Ask management for updates regarding employment status, information on possible work resumption, and their future plans for the business

    Can I use my paid sick and vacation days while furloughed?

    Yes, furloughed workers can exhaust all paid sick leave and other PTO available. Your employer cannot force you to use your paid sick leave while you are on furlough. The determination of how much paid sick leave days you will use is up to you.

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