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Bakersfield Defective Products Lawyers

Every year, hundreds of people across the US are injured by defective products. The product liability law is clear and straightforward – manufacturers or sellers are liable for placing a defective product into the hands of a consumer. You shouldn’t suffer in silence. Hire highly experienced Bakersfield product liability attorneys to get you the justice you deserve.

You’ve seen it in the news – countless stories of people dying or sustaining severe injuries after using defective products. From children choking due to swallowing loose toy parts, losing a limb due to malfunctioning machinery, and tragic deaths because of a faulty design in motor vehicles, these are heartbreaking stories told too many times. 

It’s high time to put our foot down and hold manufacturers responsible for whatever they place in the stream of commerce. If you or a loved one have been injured due to a product defect, our knowledgeable Bakersfield defective products lawyers can help assess whether you have a valid defective product claim against the seller.

What is a Defective Product?

So, when do you consider a product defective? Simply put, a product is considered defective if it poses a danger of physical harm to the user without adequate instructions or warnings. This is just one part of it. To better understand how and when a product can be considered defective, we have to look into the three types of product defects that may result in a liability to one or all of the parties involved in manufacturing and selling the product.

  • Faulty design. The product is inherently unsafe because of its defective design.
  • Manufacturing defect. An error occurs during the manufacturing process.
  • Faulty warnings. Inadequate warnings and instructions for using the product safely.

Proving any of these three means you most likely will have a valid personal injury claim against the manufacturer or seller of the product/service that caused physical injuries to you or a loved one.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Your Injuries?

Depending on the advice of your product liability lawyer and the nature of your case, you can go after any one of the following parties, if not, all of them:

  • The product manufacturer;
  • A manufacturer of component parts;
  • A party that assembles or installs the product;
  • The wholesaler; and
  • The retail store that sold the product to the consumer failed to warn about the product liability claims to the injured party beforehand

Adding Weight to your Claim

Going after manufacturers of defective products can be very complicated. This is why you must base your claim on strict liability, negligence, and breach of warranty.

  • Strict liability. This is essentially command responsibility. For example, a retail store selling defective products can be held liable for the injuries even if it’s not the direct cause of the defect.
  • Negligence. To prove that the manufacturer was the negligent party, you must show that they breached their legal responsibility by failing to give adequate protection while using their product resulting in harm, injury cases, or death.
  • Breach of Warranty. A product warranty is a guarantee that a particular product will perform in a specific way or up to a specific standard. If a product does not perform according to its warranty, then a breach has been committed.

Common Causes of Defective Products in California

  • Defective Vehicles. The most common is transmission failure. This is a failure in the steering mechanisms, faulty wiring, latch defects, ignition failures, and explosive airbags. 
  • Personal Care Products. Many personal care products have been known (deodorants, hair dyes, tampons, perfumes, hair spray, etc.) to cause conditions ranging from skin rashes and chemical burns to damage to body systems and cancer.
  • Child Care Products. These include faulty child seats, mattresses or bedding made from toxic materials, unstable cradles or pens, dangerous chemical compounds on rattles, bottles, and teething rings.
  • Sporting Products. These are sporting goods or equipment that do not meet safety regulations. Such as the faulty design of bicycles, snorkel masks that break underwater or a helmet made from flimsy material. 
  • Home Products. From refrigerators overheating to faulty medical devices and gas heaters causing fires. Defective home products are known to cause severe property damage and catastrophic injuries.
  • Toys. Unfortunately, hundreds of children have suffered from injuries and wrongful death due to swallowing and suffocating on tiny parts, exposure to toxic plastic toys (lead poisoning), using toys that cut or cause burns, or ingesting small magnets that lead to internal injuries.
  • Medicines. Defective medications can result in life-threatening conditions such as stroke, heart clots, kidney failure, and internal bleeding among others.

Certain Exceptions

Some products are unavoidably harmful due to the nature of their use. These dangerous products include knives, scissors, pesticides, herbicides, guns, certain vaccines, and the list goes on. While it may be difficult to file a product liability claim for these types of products, it isn’t impossible. Get the best legal advice from highly experienced Bakersfield defective products lawyers to help you achieve justice.

Common Defective Product Injuries

Suffering injuries from a defective product can be debilitating and life-changing. Knowing what kind of injuries you might sustain from a defective product is a step in the right direction towards building a strong claim and getting the right medical care you need. Below are some of the most common injuries one might sustain in an accident due to a defective product:

  • Traumatic brain injury – If cars, motorcycles, and bikes are not manufactured correctly, these can result in motor vehicle accidents that lead to head injuries. Even if the accident victim had been using a helmet if it had been defectively made it could lead to an accident injury. An auto accident due to faulty manufacturing could also lead to neck injuries. 
  • Burn injuries – Burns are the most common type of injury in the case of defective home products. These can result from appliances with faulty wiring, such as blow dryers or toasters. 
  • Internal injuries – Organ damage is one of the common injuries that one might sustain from defective drugs. Internal injuries can also result from bumps or jolts that happen from faulty or poorly manufactured products.
  • Choking – Children, by nature, are very curious. They will often put things in their mouths. Choking often occurs when small parts from toys break off or detach, and young children ingest them. Choking in young children can be extremely dangerous, especially if not noticed in time, as this can lead to asphyxiation. 
  • Broken bones – Products that break unexpectedly can lead to broken or fractured bones. Badly manufactured chairs or stools can lead to falls that result in broken bones.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to a defective product it is within your best interest to seek legal representation from an experienced product liability attorney to help guide you through the claims process and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve to help cover your medical expenses, loss of income, emotional distress, and more.

What Compensatory Damages Can a Defective Product Victim Claim?

Personal injury victims can experience a range of injuries from defective product accidents. These injuries can result in extensive medical treatment such as physical therapy that balloon to additional expenses for an accident victim. 

Having a Bakersfield defective products attorney will ensure that your legal rights are protected from the underhanded tactics insurance companies might use to lower your claim and avoid offering you a fair settlement. As an accident victim, you may be eligible for the following financial damages:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical expenses
  • Cost of property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Loss of companionship
  • Other non-economic damages
  • And more

As a personal injury victim, it is within your legal rights to file a claim to hold the at-fault parties responsible for their negligence. If, unfortunately, a loved one suffers fatal injuries due to a defective product that led to wrongful death, their family may file a wrongful death claim to recover financial compensation for their loved one’s injuries and losses.

What Should You Do After an Accident Due to A Defective Product?

Were you or a loved one injured by a defective product? Here are some of the steps you can take as you start building your case against the manufacturer:

  • Keep the product if you can. This is essential for evidence and is your best ammo for your case.
  • Document everything. Take video proof, as well as photos of the defective product and the damages it caused. Keep a journal so you can record what you had to go through due to your injuries. Make sure you have all your medical bills, pertinent receipts, and medical records in one place.
  • Know your state’s statute of limitations. For California, it’s two years from when the injury was discovered. Get to filing your claim well before the statute of limitations expires so you won’t be pressed for time.
  • Get an experienced attorney. Your efforts will be all for naught if you don’t hire a good accident lawyer to represent you. Don’t settle for less! Look for the best Bakersfield defective products lawyers who are willing to fight the battle with you.
  • File a claim. Now that you’re ready, all you need is to buckle up for the long ride.

Experienced Bakersfield Defective Products Lawyers

You don’t have to go through it alone. We at Farahi Law Firm, APC are experienced Bakersfield personal injury lawyers with an extensive track record to back it up. We’re ready and willing to take you with you all the way to the end. Not only will we hold the liable parties responsible for your injuries and damages, but we will handle all the settlement negotiations with the insurance carrier as well.

You’re one step closer to attaining justice when you call us at (661) 669-7239. We work on a contingency fee basis. So this means absolutely NO FEES until we win. Call our Bakersfield defective products lawyers now for a FREE initial consultation. At Farahi Law Firm, YOUR justice is OUR cause. 


We can help you get the medical treatment you need and the maximum compensation you deserve.

Don’t worry about fees. We will not charge you anything unless we win — and we will. Call Farahi Law’s expert personal injury lawyers for FREE Consultation. Available 24/7

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No Fees Unless we Win!