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Tractor Trailer Truck Accident Statistics (Part A)

If you have been the victim of a large truck accident, you already know the unfortunate consequences. Now you might be interested in the statistics surrounding truck accidents, many of which are not well known.


Truck Accident Statistics 

As is expected, more people die in accidents with semi trucks than with other passenger cars. Though there are far fewer tractor trailers on the road than typical automobiles, they are usually on the road for longer durations of time. In fact, they can often cross a few state lines in one day, so it is no wonder that there is a higher chance of an encounter with one in a trucking accident. 

Consider the statistics compiled by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

  • In 2007, 4602 people died as a result of semi truck accidents
  • Of these truck accident fatalities, 70% were in a passenger car, and 12% were walking, riding a bike, or on a motorcycle
  • Though deaths resulting from truck accidents have declined since 1979, the biggest change has been that fewer truck drivers are killed in truck accidents, versus passenger car occupants

In most cases, the truck driver is unharmed in the truck crash while the occupants of the passenger cars are severely injured or killed. Comparing the sizes of each type of vehicle, it is not surprising to see why this occurs, but it does not make it any less traumatic for those affected by truck accidents. Having an idea of the common outcomes of such accidents may help you better understand them.

If you have been involved in a tractor trailer accident in Virginia, you should consult with a Virginia personal injury attorney that specializes in Virginia truck accidents. It is important that the accident lawyer you choose to represent you has handled cases like yours and understands tractor trailer accidents.


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