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Car Accident May Increase Over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Is The Second Deadliest Holiday On The Roads! Be Safe And Take Care Of Your Loved Ones!

With the holiday season coming, accident records may also surge with it. Risks of probable surgence of these awful events rise especially during Thanksgiving weekend as the National Safety Council (NSC) estimates 417 people may be killed and another 47,500 may be seriously injured in car crashes.

Moreover, NSC reported that Thanksgiving is the second deadliest holiday on the roads, trailing only the Fourth of July. Surprisingly, historical trends show that more than one-third of deaths during this holiday period are related to alcohol-impaired drivers.

The Thanksgiving holiday is always a 4.25-day weekend, this year it extends from November 25, Wednesday, at 6 p.m. to November 29, Sunday, at 11:59 p.m. Since numerous individuals travel long distances for Thanksgiving to see their family and friends, the number of cars on the road during this holiday season abruptly doubled – attracting possibilities of accidents such as car crashes and hit-and-runs.

Reasons For Surge In Thanksgiving Auto Accidents

After evaluating the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration’s (NHTSA) statistics of the Thanksgiving holiday period, the NSC concluded that fatalities from car crashes reached 12.46% of the total of deaths in November 2013 to November 2018.

According to these reports, the main reasons for these car accidents were:

  • Alcohol Impairment. The holiday season always includes loud music and alcohol intoxication which is a hazardous blend that could lead to an auto mishap. According to the NHTSA, 35% of car accident fatalities that happened over Thanksgiving 2017 involved an alcohol-impaired driver.
  • Distracted Driving. Talking/texting over the phone, eating/drinking while driving, adjusting audio or temperature controls are some of the common causes of car accidents. Lack of focus when driving can be fatal for both the driver and other people on the road.
  • Poor Weather. Rain, fog, and snow minimize visibility on the roads and reduce traction. These events were inevitable and drivers must take extra caution when driving under poor weather.
  • Drowsy Driving. A lot of people plan to visit their friends and family and start traveling early in the morning. Most of the time, the excitement keeps them up all night and they won’t be able to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep before going for a long-distance trip could take its toll on the driver and often leads to major car accidents.
  • Stress Driving. Thanksgiving falls on a weekday which means a lot of people get back home from work, fresh from all the stress of their workplace. Stress driving can lead to terrible circumstances as it affects people’s sense of judgment and driving skills. More often than not, these situations can result in dreadful events such as traumatic car accidents.
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Safety Tips For The Road On Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, let’s make sure everybody gets home safely back to their families. Here are some tips to keep you safe during Thanksgiving:

  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Drive attentively and focus solely on driving.
  • Get a short maintenance check of your vehicle.
  • Follow the speed limit and rules.
  • If you are traveling long distances, make sure to take enough sleep and rest before hitting the road.
  • Make pit stops a priority.
  • Ensure that your passengers are buckled up.
  • Make sure children are properly restrained in appropriate seats.
  • Be patient! There will always be traffic. Drive slowly and safely. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Plan ahead and drive carefully, especially if under poor weather conditions.
  • And lastly, don’t forget your coins or interstate pass. This could save you some time.

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We wish you a fruitful and safe Thanksgiving!



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