Is it Worth Hiring a Car Accident Attorney?

When you get in a car accident your mind is bound to be racing with questions about the situation. Why did this happen? Am I injured? Are others injured? And so on.

One thing is certain, you probably will be wondering if hiring an attorney in California is the right step to take.

Our expert attorneys at Farahi Law advise that you always contact a car accident lawyer in case you get in an accident. While you might think it is easy to solve the issue between you and the other party involved, dealing with medical bills, insurance companies, property damage, and the overall process of settling a California car accident can be both financially and mentally taxing.

That is also taking into account how insurance companies look after their best interests, not yours. It is commonplace for these companies to offer settlements that only cover a fraction of the costs incurred from the accident.

Hiring a lawyer will fight for you against insurance companies both inside and outside the court to get you the maximum possible compensation you truly deserve instead of having you settle for the bare minimum offered by insurance companies.

There is also the question of injury and other damages to your car. One thing to know about car accident injuries is that they can range from minor bruises to absolutely devastating long-term suffering like back injuries or traumatic brain injury (TBI) from hitting your head against the wheel or the car window or even wrongful deaths.

Car accident injuries are no laughing matter, what you might think it’s just a minor whiplash from a rear-end hit can develop into physical and cognitive issues in the medium and long term. An experienced car accident attorney can help you get the best medical treatment you need, and in our case, we do it free of charge, because we care about your wellbeing as an individual.

Why you should get a car accident attorney?

We’ll handle the insurance company for you.

One might think insurance companies are there to help you when you get in an accident, after all, that’s what we are paying for right? WRONG! Insurance companies have an army of adjusters at the ready to review your file after an accident so they can find ways to lower your compensation amount. And some even go as far as deliberately waving off factors that could lead you to a higher settlement.

For example, let’s say you got rear-ended and the bumper looks like it has just a couple of dents and scratches. Sure, that looks like it on the outside, and that’s what your insurance will look at, but, what if some of the internal frames were messed up during the car crash? That’s not the insurance problem because it does not interfere with how the car works at a glance.

These are called undercarriage damages and are some of the most overlooked damages from insurance companies when looking at your material damages settlement costs, which can leave you with a heavy financial burden as you try to fix the aftermath with your own money.

The bottom line is that hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you:

  • Negotiate fairly on your behalf with the insurance adjusters
  • Handle the details of your personal injury claim for you
  • Prepare written and verbal statements that will work in your favor
  • Always have your best interest in mind while negotiating with insurance

 At Farahi Law, we know how to deal with insurance companies so that you always come on top. Our expert car accident attorneys will not let insurance bully you into accepting lower settlement fees, we will always fight to get you the maximum compensation possible. 

We will help you prove liability.

One of the trickiest parts of a California car accident claim is determining liability, the negligent party and their insurance will be trying to shift the blame to you as the fault driver to cover themselves and lower your financial damages.

Not only this blame-shifting occurs at the initial stages of the claim, but also for the consequences of the accident like long-term medical treatments or repairs to your car.

Our attorneys have years of experience examining each case under heavy scrutiny and will protect you from all attempts at negating the negligent party’s liability in your case, no matter how particular it is.

As such, we’ll also be able to determine if long-term consequences, be it medical, material, or subjective, derive themselves from the accident, and as such, will be able to increase your financial compensation accordingly.

While this process can take some time, we assure you that we will:

  • Consult medical professionals to provide you with the correct treatments, no matter how long they take
  • Do accident reconstruction to prove the negligent party’s liability
  • Obtaining all pertinent accident reports from the police, insurance companies, and emergency services.
  • Interviewing witnesses to strengthen your claim.
  • Gather all the medical records relating to your case.

You have to bear in mind that California works under pure comparative negligence law, which means that while you might have had some responsibility in the accident, you will still have the right to compensation. In this case, if you had 20% of the fault for the accident, that means you will still get 80% of the financial settlement determined by a court of law.

As we said before, the other party will always try to shift the blame partially or totally to you. We will ensure that this doesn’t happen and you always get your maximum compensation for all the damages incurred from the accident.

We’ll determine the correct value for your injuries.

Due to the adrenaline rush that comes after a strong emotional event like a car accident, it is commonplace for us to incorrectly assess our injuries, you might just feel like we bumped our head when in reality you’ll have a concussion or you’d feel no pain while walking, but after a good night’s rest pain in the lower back will appear.

These symptoms and consequences most likely can derive from the car accident itself, but as we do not feel immediate discomfort, attributing them to another cause is common when not consulting the proper professionals to create a timeline for your case.

Because of the aforementioned blame-shifting that occurs during the claim process, coupled with the insurance companies’ practices to lower your compensation amount. A specialized car accident attorney like us will help you:

  • Consult medical experts without you having to worry about monetary expenses
  • Create a medical timeline of your injuries and properly link them to the case
  • Account for lost wages and future loss of earnings as a consequence of your car accident
  • Take subjective damages into account like pain, suffering, and overall quality of life diminishing

With a good car accident attorney by your side during your legal claiming process, you will only need to focus on your recovery while we handle everything else. Our specialized personal injury attorneys know these cases to the letter and will always have your best interests in mind, getting the correct medical treatment you deserve to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

We’ll correctly review the law and regulations that apply to your claim.

Our specialized car accident attorneys are highly trained and experienced in all California law’s nuances and know that some special clauses or interpretations can apply differently to each case.

Because we are legal professionals, we can handle court hearings, evidence acquisition and presentation, and dealing with the small print from insurance companies’ contracts to make sure your settlement reaches the maximum account. Our team of personal injury and car accident attorneys has years of experience handling all the complexities of the law and will make sure you are treated with the respect and empathy you deserve from everyone involved in the claiming process.

When should you hire a car accident lawyer?

Although contacting an attorney might not be always necessary after a car accident, we always advise you get in touch with one to review your case, even if you haven’t suffered any visible injuries. At Farahi Law Firm, APC you can always contact us for a free consultation of your case for us to thoroughly review it.

The main situations where you might want to contact a car accident lawyer are:

  • You were injured in a vehicular accident
  • The injuries in question are severe and long-lasting
  • You are sure the other party is at fault for the accident
  • The insurance company refuses to pay for your damages
  • You were asked to provide statements to other parties aside from the police
  • You were asked for medical records by the adjusters
  • The insurance company is offering a low-ball settlement amount that does not cover your past, present, and future expenses from the accident.

Contact our car accident attorneys today!

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