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General Motors to Recall 7 Million Vehicles Due to Faulty Airbags

The famous automaker General Motors (GM) was ordered by the U.S. Government to recall about 7 million vehicles back for repairs after the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) deemed the airbags used in some of their vehicles like the Silverado, Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade, The Tahoe, and the famed Suburban unsafe. 

According to the NHTSA statement “The GM inflators in question are at risk of the same type of explosion after long-term exposure to high heat and humidity as other recalled Takata inflators.”  While the newer General Motors’ vehicles have no issues regarding their airbags, all models manufactured between 2007 and 2014 use the same ignition mechanism that has killed about 17 people in the United States and injured over 200.

This issue involving faulty airbags manufactured by the now-defunct Japanese company, Takata has been going for quite some years mounting terrible losses for car manufacturers. As of 2020, more than 63 million vehicles from different brands have been recalled to replace the defective airbags according to the NHTSA

While not every vehicle equipped with Takata airbags will be defective, the inflation system used on the bags has been found to heavily deteriorate under certain heat and humidity conditions. This makes the airbags explode on inflation and launch shrapnel at the vehicle occupants, as well as heavily increasing the risk of the cockpit catching fire due to the chemicals involved in the inflation process.  

General Motors, on the other hand, remains adamant that the airbags in their vehicles pose no threat to users, yet will abide by the NHTSA decision and ensure the safety of their customers. This would cost the automotive giant about 1.2 billion dollars. While no timeframe has been given as to when the vehicles will be repaired, they will come at no cost to the owners.

The NHSTA has created a website for car owners to check up if their vehicles are part of the recall.

What Kind of Injuries can be Caused by Faulty Airbags?

Airbags most of the time will save your life during a car accident, nevertheless, a faulty one can prove fatal as has been the case with the Takata airbag issue. It has been going on for years and prompted the recall of several million vehicles from different companies. 

Some of the injuries caused by a defective airbag are:

  • Head and brain injuries – both the failure of an airbag to inflate and the force of an airbag can cause serious head trauma. The impact of the airbag or the interior of the car can also cause head injuries.
  • Chest injuries – these may include heart injuries, heart valve issues, cardiac ruptures, or fractured ribs.
  • Abdominal injuries – these may cause serious issues with internal organs. Airbag injuries may present a special concern to pregnant women, as well.
  • Spinal injuries – the failure of an airbag to deploy may cause spinal injuries or the force of the airbag may cause spinal problems.
  • Upper limb injuries – these may include shoulder fractures, arm abrasions, and broken fingers.
  • Hearing damage – both the sound of the airbag deployment or the force of the airbag may cause hearing damage.
  • Chemical Burns – because of the chemicals used in the inflation process, a faulty airbag can expel these chemicals and burn the occupants.

Punctures and Lacerations – In the case of the Takata airbags, the explosion caused by the ammonium nitrate in the inflation system can lead to shrapnel being thrust against the occupants leading to grave and sometimes fatal injuries.

Who is Liable in the Case of a Faulty Airbag Accident?

If you get involved in a car crash and your airbag has any malfunctions causing injury to you, no matter how small there is, due to manufacturing defects you can pursue legal action against: 

  •       The airbag manufacturer (in the case of Takata airbags this is now impossible due to the company ceasing to exist.)
  •       Anyone on the manufacturing chain and process for the airbag.
  •       The car manufacturer that sold you the vehicle without any warning of the defective piece.

Any injury you could’ve gotten due to a faulty airbag is not your fault. Because of this, you deserve right and fair compensation for all the troubles that may arise. From medical bills and loss of income to the general loss of quality of life. This is why our expert personal injury attorneys at Farahi Law Firm are here to help you get your fair restitution.

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