Farahi Law Firm Partners With Harvest Home & My Little Outfit To Help Pregnant Women Experiencing Homelessness

Farahi Law Firm partners with NGOs

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Los Angeles, California – Farahi Law Firm fiercely advocates for the rights of both women and children. We are firm believers that women should be treated with respect and dignity, and that children should have access to education, proper housing, and other basic necessities. 

As part of our efforts to help and serve our community, we partnered with My Little Outfit and Harvest Home LA to celebrate the opening of Harvest Home’s new Pico Home as part of our You Care, We Care Too program.

My Little Outfit provided pre-owned, curated outfits for children ages 0 to 6 years, and Farahi Law Firm sponsored 100 outfits that were donated to pregnant women, mothers, and children experiencing homelessness in California. 

We believe, now, more than ever, that homelessness is a social problem in America. There has also been a recent rise in the number of single mothers in the country. This is why we are proud to partner with Harvest Home and My Little Outfit, which seek to help provide these mothers with refuge and essentials for themselves and their children. 

The You Care, We Care Too program was established to aid in uplifting the lives of Californians in need. Through this program, Los Angeles accident attorney Justin Farahi has participated in community outreach programs that help underserved sectors.

“The work that My Little Outfit and Harvest Home do is commendable, and we are inspired by their hard work and generosity. We look forward to many more future initiatives with both organizations,” said Atty. Farahi. 

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Farahi Law Firm, APC

Justin P. Farahi is an award-winning personal injury lawyer in California. Since the foundation of the company, he has focused on helping the Californian community by giving the less fortunate access to quality medical treatment and the best legal representation after an accident.

The American Law Institute recognizes Atty. Farahi as one of the Top 40 under 40 Lawyers in America. He was also awarded as one of the Top 100 Lawyers in the USA, as a Super Lawyer Rising Star, 2021 Lawyer of the Year by the American Institute of Legal Professionals, and 2022 Attorney of the Year by the National Alliance of Attorneys. 

Farahi Law Firm was also awarded Best Law Firm in 2022 by the AILP. The company has several offices all over California, including Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Bakersfield, San Pedro, Visalia, Sacramento, Panorama City, Culver City, Fresno, and Torrance.

My Little Outfit

My Little Outfit, founded by Courtney Kanner Fishman, offers a diverse array of carefully curated and gently loved clothing for children ages 0-6. Styled and curated by professional stylists, these services aim to maximize the efficiency and organization of children’s closets. My Little Outfit also offers a membership plan, wherein customers will receive a package of 4 outfits monthly. Customers save money, time, and the planet when purchasing from My Little Outfit. 

Harvest Home 

Harvest Home was founded in 1989 by local Santa Monica resident Christy Minder. Impacted by her encounter with a homeless pregnant woman, Christy decided to open up her home for the duration of the pregnancy. This was the catalyst that started Christy’s initiative to transform the lives of homeless pregnant women by providing housing, support, and programs to help equip these mothers in their journey of motherhood.