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Car Accident Lawyers

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Driving is one of the things that drives many people high. Many people learn to drive at a very young age and are often confident of handling both bikes and automobiles with relative ease. However, youth are often reckless. Their desire for speed can often result in accidents which can be physically, financially and emotionally traumatic for all concerned. More often than not, legal problems come along with automobile accidents and lengthy paperwork, especially with the insurance companies. Many times people are confused about how to proceed in case they have encountered an automobile accident. In case you have someone close to you involved in a car accident, Farahi Law Firm has some of the best Los Angeles car accident lawyers, to help you come out of the legal problems.

Car Accidents – The When and Why?

More often than not human error is the cause of most car accidents that take place across the world, including the U.S. Though most unfortunate, car accidents might range from minor to major ones resulting in severe physical and mental trauma or death. Since a lot of lives are lost every year to accidents related to automobiles, it is important to understand what causes most of them.

Some of the Most Prominent Causes include:

1. Being distracted during driving: Being addicted to mobile is a habit that is common with this generation. Quite often kids and even adults are glued to their mobile so much, that texting and driving have become a norm for them. However, distraction during driving can result in you needing an auto accident lawyer.

2. Drunk driving: One of the major causes of accidents all over the world is drunk driving, some of which might even be deadly. Impairing or killing a person can not only have legal ramifications but also prey on your guilty conscience. Despite people thinking that it is not lethal mixing drinking and driving, statistics prove it to be contrary.

3. Speed kills: Despite the exhilaration that high speed provides, a number of accidents are caused because of the fact that drivers are unable to maintain control over their vehicle at high speed. It is better to start early than to push your luck by driving fast and recklessly.

4. Bad weather and treacherous conditions: Driving in rain, sleet or snow on dangerous roads often are the reason for accidents. Reckless driving when the weather conditions are not ideal is an important factor for automobile accidents.

5. Avoiding traffic rules: Peak hours are some of the worst times for accidents to take place. During weekdays, heavy traffic pileup is seen from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.; while weekends see heavy traffic around midnight. Jumping traffic signals during this period is a sure shot sign of you needing an auto accident lawyer.

6. Night driving: Driving is stressful, especially during the night. Unless you are extra alert, you might end up on the wrong side of the road, causing severe damage not just to yourself and your vehicle but also to an unsuspecting party.

7. Improper driving: Teenagers with a driving license but not enough experience can make judgemental lapses which may result in the need for an automobile accident lawyer. Improper use of signals or total lack of respect for rules may prove detrimental for more than the driver.

8. Other reasons: A number of reasons like a tire blowing out or the sudden appearance of an animal may cause the driver to make a split-second decision. Sudden swerving of the vehicle may result in an accident if the other driver is not attentive and driving cautiously.

Safe Driving Tips: How to Prevent Automobile Accidents

Though being independent is good, yet, everyone fears the safety of their loved ones. Just teaching their kids to drive is not enough, ensuring that they are safe drivers is equally important. Keeping these few factors in mind can definitely reduce the need for automobile accident lawyer:

  • Avoid being distracted while you are behind the wheels of an automobile. This means they should strictly be taking no calls or talking while driving. Also avoid reading, texting, eating, or applying makeup while you are driving to avoid getting in a crash.
  • Always use a cab or public transport if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. Driving under influence can be bad for both parties involved in a car crash. If no commuting method is available, stay at a friend’s place or a nearby motel but do not drive when drunk.
  • Driving within permissible limits will not only avoid you getting a speeding ticket but might be the difference between reaching home safely and looking for a car accident attorney. Driving at high speed is one of the 2nd most common reason for accidents. Thus avoid making rash decisions like changing lanes without proper indications or crossing the speed limit and driving carelessly.
  • While driving on bad roads under adverse weather conditions, you should ensure that you are driving under the prescribed speed limit. If it is not an emergency, postponing the trip till conditions improve is a wise decision.
  • Though every person is in a hurry to reach their place of work, running a red light and breaking traffic rules is not the way to get things done. You will not only hurt yourself in the process (legal ramifications) but also might end up causing others to suffer due to an accident taking place, thanks to your adventure!
  • Driving long distances can be physically and mentally exhausting. In case you are in for a long drive, it is suggested to take adequate and timely rest to avoid any accidents. Driving at night can be strenuous due to driving using full lights and sometimes in places devoid of the streetlight. If possible avoid taking a night journey unless it is an emergency.
  • Maintain adequate distance from the car ahead of you. Tailgating another vehicle will put immense strain on you if you have just a split second to avoid swerving into the vehicle ahead. Thus always maintain a safe distance between your car and that ahead of you.
  • Handing the keys of your cars to a teenager is a bad decision. With their devil-may-care attitude and general lack of respect for rules, they may drive recklessly causing an accident. Instruct them to follow traffic rules, check for one-way streets and proper use of signals while driving to prevent any misfortune.

Why do you Need an Car Accident Lawyers?

Mostly, people do not realize the importance of having an auto accident lawyer when they have been involved in an accident. However, you need a lawyer when:

  • A multiple vehicle collision has occurred,
  • You have sustained more than minor injuries,
  • You will be losing work or income due to the injuries sustained,
  • You are unsure of the fact who was at fault,
  • The insurance company is denying your claim,
  • Huge medical bills are accumulating,
  • Medical, insurance or legal terms are confusing you,
  • The accident has resulted in a death.
Car Accident Lawyers

How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyers?

Considering that accidents can be caused due to human negligence as well as uncontrolled factors too, a person should be prepared to handle the worst case scenario. In case you are involved in a car accident (as a victim or a perpetrator) you need the assistance of car accident lawyers. However, before hiring one, there are certain points which must be kept in mind:

  • Experience counts – When you have gone through something as traumatic as an automobile accident, you need someone with enough experience to handle your case. Since dealing with legal formalities and insurance agents is not possible for everyone, opt for an automobile accident lawyer with enough experience in the relevant field.
  • Good negotiator – Despite having health insurance, you have to haggle to get the amount due to you. A Los Angeles car accident lawyer who has good negotiating skills can help you get money by making the insurance company to pay you well.
  • Operating on contingency fees – You will be surprised to know how many car accident lawyers are hunting for victims to make their payday. Instead of falling for any of them, look for a lawyer who works on contingency fees, i.e. no gain, no fee policy. This will ensure that you get some compensation for all the trouble you had to endure.
  • Familiar with state laws – A lawyer who knows the state’s laws regarding car accidents like the back of their hand is an asset to any victim of a car crash. Such attorneys will be able to act in the best interest of their client and get them adequate compensation.

To connect with the best car accident lawyer, “Call – (844) 824-2955“. Lawyers at the Farahi Law Firm are adept at handling such cases and will provide you with the best possible legal advice and support for your problem and the trauma that you have faced.


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