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Drunk Driving Accidents – How Dangerous is Driving Under Influence?

If ever you have been in an accident, you might realize the trauma it has on your life. Though with time, you may be able to overcome the physical trauma, mental trauma takes a lot of time to go away. Numerous times we have heard about accidents caused due to drivers who have driven under influence. Sometimes, if people are lucky, they get by with minor injuries to the vehicle; however, other times, people might end up with grave and life-threatening injuries, or worse, death. Drinking and driving do not mix, as has been supported by many drunk driving statistics easily available online. Occasions like New Year weekend, Saint Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving week, Labor Day and 4th of July, Memorial Day, apart from birthday celebrations are some of the dreaded times when most accidents occur.

Startling Facts about Drunk Driving Accidents

Though driving under the influence of drugs like cannabis, etc. or alcohol might sound cool, it is the opposite. You not only end up being unruly in behavior but are also breaking a number of laws. An accident occurring due to the driver being reckless enough to drive when they have consumed alcohol is a punishable offense. There have been numerous reports of drinking and driving accidents occurring across the country which has resulted in a loss of property and lives. Some shocking drunk driving facts include:

  • You will be surprised to know that more than 40% of 10th graders are drinking alcohol!
  • Teenagers combining alcohol and driving are responsible for killing more than 4,000 people every year.
  • Most accidents occur during rush hours or when the driving conditions are less than ideal. Incidentally, drunk driving accidents cause a steep rise during this time.
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), summers and holiday seasons are times when the frequency of accidents increases, many resulting in fatalities due to drinking and driving accidents.
  • Most DUI lawyers can confirm that teens between 16-19 years of age are involved in most cases of driving under alcohol’s influence.
  • Multitasking like texting and driving or talking on the phone while driving can increase the chances of accidents.
  • Special occasions like Super Bowl or Cinco de Mayo see a rise in alcohol-related
  • Maximum DUI arrests are during the Thanksgiving and New Year weekend.
  • On average, every adult in the S. ends up paying $500 per year as a result of drunk driving.
  • Binge drinking is extremely common to teens with 1 in every 7 teens indulging in the activity. Surprisingly, merely one in 100 parents believe their kid indulges in such activity!
  • More often than not, a drunk driver before being arrested for DUI has driven drunk more than 80 times before being caught.

Alarming Drunk Driving Statistics!

Alcohol-related accidents constitute about 1/3rd of all the accident cases taking place in U.S. People suffer the loss of lives, health, and wages due to drunk driving cases. You will be shocked to know that every year nearly 700,000 people are injured in drunk driving accidents with 13,000 of them turning to be fatal. The emotional and financial loss is tremendous in these cases. Some startling drunk driving statistics show that:

  • Car crashes are the major causes of teenage death. Almost 1/3rd are due to drunk driving accidents
  • As per a report, in 2017, 15% drivers in weekdays and 28% on weekends were involved in fatal crashes due to drinking and driving.
  • Around 31% fatal drinking and driving accidents occur on weekend between midnight and 3 a.m. with much more fatal crashes taking place during the night than day.
  • Majority of traffic accidents (almost 50%) resulting in pedestrian deaths takes place because of alcohol consumption. (either driver or pedestrian)
  • An alarming $132 billion per year is the cost the S. bears due to drunk driving!
  • Every 48 minutes, a person dies due to drinking and driving accidents in America.
  • More than 300,000 people were injured in drunk driving accidents in 2017 in America.
  • On average, 28 people die every day due to alcohol-influenced
  • More often than not, drivers with 0.08% of blood alcohol are four times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than those with no alcohol in their system.

Consulting with Top Drunk Driving Accident Attorney can give Victims of DUI Best Relief

An accident involving a driver or pedestrian, either of whom is under the influence of alcohol or any other drug can be quite traumatic. A person can be gravely injured, need extensive medical care or worse die during the accident. Individuals who have been involved in an accident often suffer from:

  • Life altering injuries which may result in constant pain and reduced quality of life;
  • Huge medical bills as well as the need for long-term care;
  • Loss of wages due to the inability to start regular work;
  • Constant harassment by insurance companies to get adequate compensation.

In case you are a victim of a drunk driving accident, it is important to consult one of the best-drunk driving accident attorney to get you adequate compensation for all the pain and suffering you have endured.

Tips to Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents

It is natural to assume that a party means having a nice time, letting your hair down and let go of any cares of the world. However, while having a good time, it is also important to be responsible for your life as well as those of others. Keeping a few tips in mind can prevent many incidents of drunk driving accidents:

  1. People often think that they don’t have enough alcohol. Avoid making any more booze purchases while drunk. Always buy your alcohol when you are sober.
  2. Choose a designated driver for yourself so that you do not indulge in drunk driving. The designated driver will remain sober and drive the guests’ home.
  3. In case, everyone is having a good time drinking, it is better to call a taxi. You can choose Uber or any other taxi service provider to take you home safely. Public transport (city bus, train, etc.) is another way of reaching home safely.
  4. Exchange number of all group members so you can make sure that all of you leave the party together.
  5. Hiring a professional bartender is a good decision as they are more adept at recognizing when a person is intoxicated.
  6. Ensure that alcohol intake is limited both for the guest and the host.
  7. To counter ill-effects of alcohol, it is essential that non-alcoholic beverages, food, and water are adequately available to people.
  8. Avoid adding to a person’s inebriated condition. Do not force anyone to drink beyond their limits.
  9. If possible stay where you are; at a friend’s place or a nearby motel to avoid drunk driving.
  10. If the guest insists on driving, take away the keys. Drunken drivers are a danger to not just themselves but also to their fellow passengers as well as anyone on the street. Be firm and relentless in case a drunk driver insists on driving the vehicle.
  11. In case, a guest, is too drunk, call a cab to send them home, preferably with a sober guest to ensure their safety. Alternately, you could call a family member or friend to pick them up.
  12. Make sure that the guests follow traffic rules and wear seatbelts while they drive back to prevent an accident taking place.

Are you stuck with a DUI? Hiring the best DUI Lawyers can be Life Altering

Considering the alarming drunk driving statistics and facts that are available online on official websites, it can easily be concluded that drunk driving can be very harmful to people. People who are driving under the influence of alcohol can result in injury to themselves as well as others. DUI cases are a lot to comprehend once a person is sober. Drunk driving often ends in arrest for the driver. Unless you have expert drunk driving accident lawyer by your side, you might end up overwhelmed by the number of things you are expected to do. Post your release from jail, you are required to –

  • Get your car released from impound;
  • Ensure you have a top-notch drunk driving accident attorney;
  • Take care of your license which is withheld;
  • Handle criminal case filed against you, including arraignment, pre-trial, and trial.

More often than not drinking and driving accidents result in severe injuries in victims. This often results in huge medical bills, the need for long-term medical help, loss of wages for a considerable amount of time, etc. A case of DUI can, therefore, be filed against you. Unless you have an expert drunk driving accident lawyer by your side, you are looking at a huge monetary penalty and probable jail term. Contact Farahi Law Firm for best DUI lawyers for your case. If any of your loved one’s wish to seek legal respite from unfavorable DUI judgment, Call and seek expert counsel for your DUI case.

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