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Defective Airbags Can Cause Injury in a California Car Accident

A defective airbag can result in serious or even fatal injuries during a California car accident. Automobile manufacturers sometimes issue airbag recalls when they become aware of airbag safety issues. However, the individual car owner is not always aware of these airbag recalls.

The car owner may be unaware of the airbag recall for several reasons:

  • the owner did not update their address on the car warranty;
  • the car owner threw away the airbag recall notice;
  • the individual missed the public announcement of the airbag recall;
  • the car owner has a pre-owned car and did not purchase a warranty;
  • the owner thought the airbag recall did not apply since they had their airbag replaced; and/or
  • the individual believed they had their air bags disabled (A faulty air bag switch may have prevented the airbags from being disabled). 

Most major automobile manufacturers have issued airbag recalls at one time or another. These faulty safety devices may cause airbag injuries in a Virginia car accident that range from minor burns to serious head trauma.

Listed below are a few of the automobile manufacturers that have reported airbag problems over the past decade:

  • BMW;
  • Chevrolet;
  • Ford;
  • General Motors;
  • Honda;
  • Hyundai;
  • Nissan;
  • Oldsmobile; and
  • Toyota.

As you can see from the list above, even auto manufacturers with relatively good safety records are not immune to the issue of defective airbags. When a defective airbag causes or exacerbates your injuries in a California car accident, a California car accident attorney can talk to you about your legal options for seeking compensation.

Contacting a California Car Accident Attorney

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