Auto Accidents Spike During July 4 Stay Safe!

Auto accidents spike during July 4, America’s favorite summer holiday. The concoction of festive mood, alcohol, increased holiday traffic and hot weather helps make the fourth of July particularly dangerous for drivers. Drive sober and stay safe on the roads this holiday weekend. If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a car [...]

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Efficient Car Accident Lawyers can Help you Get the Best Deals!

Driving is one of the things that drives many people high. Many people learn to drive at a very young age and are often confident of handling both bikes and automobiles with relative ease. However, youth are often reckless. Their desire for speed can often result in accidents which can be physically, financially and [...]

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5 Ways Insurance Companies will Try to Trick you After an Auto Accident

Insurances companies are businesses to make profit. Their business model is to earn more and more money through premiums and then pay as little as possible through any claims. This article breaks down 5 of the most common ways insurance companies will try to trick you after an auto accident. Trick#1 -  Initial offer from [...]

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Why do I need an attorney after an auto accident in Los Angeles?

Why do I need an attorney after an auto accident in Los Angeles? Well, the simple answer is to protect your rights as auto accidents are not always as straightforward as they may seem. If you or your loved one gets involved in an auto accident in Los Angeles and if any of the below [...]

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Things To Know Before You Hire A Lawyer For Your Personal Injury Case

You see there is a long list of things you should know before you decide to hire a lawyer for your personal injury case. When it comes to hiring a California Accident Lawyer, more often than not you’ll be tempted to just give a call to the first name you see online or in the [...]

Car Accident Lawyer – Strategies to Find a Good Attorney

There is nothing worse than a car accident but there is one more thing which is even worse and it is getting into a case and inability to find a Car Accident Lawyer and  Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles CA who could help with the right amount of claim. Though there are thousands of [...]

How a lower back injury can happen in a car crash?

How a lower back injury can happen in a car crash? Well the driver usually sits upright with his spine straight, when a crash happens if there is enough force, his upper body can go backward or forward with the impact depending upon the force’s direction. When spine goes forward with the enough force it [...]

Most Dangerous Intersections in California

Most Dangerous Intersections in California Top Five Most Dangerous Intersections in the City of California Alvarado Street at Seventh Street: According to the latest stats (2013), this area had 25 vehicle vs. pedestrian accidents in the last five years.  This intersection has about every feature that an urban interchange can have.  There are two major roadways [...]

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