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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

There is a huge pull that most men have towards motorcycles. The two-wheeler attracts men of all ages, from teenagers to elders. Though many people face huge challenges while driving a bike, the thrill is unmistakable. People who have driven a motorcycle can never resist the charm of the vehicle, even when they grow old.

It is no wonder that you can see a number of 50 and 60-year-olds driving their Harley Davidson’s on the interstate or countryside roads. However, as people age, their reflexes are not what they were earlier. Moreover, with advances in technology, the vehicles are heavier and faster than they were earlier.

It is no wonder that there has been an increase in the number of motorcycle accident today than there were earlier. In case you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important to consult an excellent motorcycle accident attorney. In case you are looking for Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles, Farahi Law Firm in California has some of the best.

Why do people fear motorcycle accidents?

Riding a bike can be very exciting, yet there aren’t many people who prefer to do so. This is because motorcycles are generally perceived to be quite dangerous.

Unfortunately, there are statistics to prove that the risk of riding a bike is much more than any other vehicle. Compared to driving a car, driving a bike is much more exhausting, both physically and mentally. Despite proper training and excellent reflexes, sometimes, accidents may occur which may prove to be fatal!

The occurrence of motorcycle accident Los Angeles is not as rare as people would like to believe. Some alarming data that has been gathered reveals how dangerous motorcycle driving can be.

The chances of people suffering are worse in a motorcycle accident than compared to any other vehicular accident. As per national statistics, the average age of people involved in a motorcycle accident has shifted drastically.

While in 1975, nearly 80% of motorcycle fatalities involved inexperienced and young riders (29 years old or younger), currently more than 35% of fatalities are of people who are 50 years and above. Other startling and shocking facts include:

  • In more than 94% cases, the motorcycle driver was fatally injured.
  • The two-wheeler street motorcycle was the dominant motorcycle involved in fatal crashes nearly 93% times.
  • A person riding a motorcycle in the S. is 38 times more likely to be fatally injured in an accident.
  • Nearly 5000 people are casualties of fatal motorcycle accidents every year in the U.S.
  • Fatality rate increased by 8.3% from 2014 to 2015. In the case of motorcycle accidents, the fatality rate per registered vehicle is 6-7% higher than that for passengers of the car as per the statistics available in 2014. With nearly five years passed, the statistics would have increased.
  • Motorcyclist are more likely to die in a crash as well as injured compared to passenger car occupants (27 times more, as per 2014 statistics)
  • In nearly 33% of cases of motorcycle accidents, resulting in the death of rider were because of speeding.
  • Nearly 40% of drivers lose their life because they were not wearing a helmet while driving their motorcycle.
  • 52% of fatal motorcycle accidents take place on weekend nights, generally between 3 pm and 9 pm.
  • Age is a contributing factor too. More than 54% of motorcycle accidents with fatalities had a driver who was 40 years and above.

Do you actually need a specialized motorcycle accident attorney?

motorcycle accident attorney


Many times drivers of motorcycles, automobiles, and trucks drive recklessly, without any regard for their life or the life of others on the street. Unfortunately, a number of dangers are associated with motorcycle accidents.

As seen from the statistics above, there is no denying the fact that you require motorcycle accident lawyers when you have gone through the trauma. Many times, motorcycle accident survivors suffer from various injuries which can range from moderate to severe. Most common injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents include:

  • Fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damages
  • Loss of limbs
  • Partial or complete paralysis
  • Quadriplegia

The consequences of a motorcycle accident are severe, whether you are the driver or the innocent bystander. Both parties have the possibility of enduring any of the above-mentioned injuries which may leave you jobless and miserable, not to mention severe fine or jail term in case you caused the accident. It is therefore important that you take the help of qualified motorcycle accident lawyers to deal with the situation.

Can you minimize the danger associated with motorcycle accidents?

There is no denying the fact that many injuries and fatalities are caused due to motorcycle accidents. However, many of them can be easily avoided if some changes are made in the attitude of people.

Through simple steps like wearing a helmet, or avoid driving when under the influence of liquor or drugs, driving within speed limits, getting proper training before driving on road, etc. the number of motorcycle accidents and the severity of injuries caused can be reduced tremendously.

However, many people fail to take serious note of these simple rules and regulations. This often results in an increase in the number of accidents every year. Other ways through which you can prevent injury to yourself and other people on the road include –

  1. Be careful when lane splitting. It can be extremely dangerous when done in an improper manner and at high speed.
  2. Since motorcycles are relatively smaller than cars, it is quite possible that they might not notice you. Thus it is important that you drive carefully and accordingly while being in the midst of automobiles.
  3. Ensure that you wear protective gear like helmet, armored and high visibility (Hi-Viz) gear can not only protect you from minor injuries but also will make you more visible to other drivers.
  4. Keep your vehicle up-to-date. Upgrade your brake line, use anti-lock brakes, good tires, other electronic aids can help in your safety. Also, make sure that your bike is regularly maintained.

What causes so many motorcycle accidents every year?

With reports of so many motorcycle accidents taking place every day in different states of the U.S. it is important to know and understand what causes so many such misfortunate incidents to take place. Drinking and driving are fatal as has been said numerous times.

Statistics prove that a majority of people involved in fatal motorcycle accidents ha blood alcohol level much higher than the legal limit. States like California, Florida and Texas where riding is a regular affair, see more of motorcycle accidents. Apart from drunk driving cases, other reasons for a large number of motorcycle accidents are:

  • Presence of gravel or sand, bad weather, pot holes, run-down pavements, fatigue, lack of sleep, slippery roads, glare, and sunlight, etc. play a huge role in accidents.
  • Lack of proper signals and signs while driving also contributes to the number of accidents.
  • Changing lanes without carefully checking the blind spots and giving signals increases your chances of colliding with another vehicle or pedestrian.When you change lanes or turn without scanning the road for any obstacles and other vehicles, your chances of injuring yourself or another driver increases.
  • It will be shocking for people to know that 42% of accidents involving cars and motorcycle occur due to the automobile making a left hand turn, especially at an intersection or during an attempt to overtake the car.
  • Sometimes, opening the door of a parked car in the path of an oncoming motorcycle can cause an accident with the driver sustaining heavy injuries.
  • Rear-end accidents can occur when you are driving too close to the vehicle in front. Sudden braking can result in serious injuries and at times death for a motorcyclist as they are not protected via seatbelts and airbags.
  • Defects in the motorcycle can be equally responsible for causing injuries or death for motorcyclists.

Get the Best Possible Assistance from Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Despite the presence of a number of motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles, you need to be careful while choosing one for yourself. In case, you were injured in an accident where the motorcycle driver was involved in a rash or negligent driving, you need to be adequately compensated for the physical, emotional and mental trauma you had to go through.

If you or your loved one has gone through the trauma then you need to Call – (310) 620-9791. Farahi Law Firm has an excellent staff of personal injury and motorcycle accident lawyers who will help you get the best remuneration and legal aid in California.

With them at the helm of your case, you are assured of fair representation and prompt and reasonable compensation. You can focus on your recovery, while their legal representatives take care of dealing with the guilty party and the insurance companies on your behalf.

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