Get in contact with a Truck Accident Attorney in Los Angeles immediately if you or someone you care about gets into a truck accident. Your swift action could be the key to getting the parties responsible for the incident to settle fairly.

Trucks are larger and heavier than almost every other vehicle on the road. When small passenger vehicle like car or a motorcycle is involved in an accident with a truck, those in the passenger vehicle can suffer catastrophic and fatal injuries. A personal injury attorney can assist in protecting your legal rights or the legal rights of your deceased loved one.


Truck accidents can occur for a multitude of reasons, but most stem from a few common causes. The most frequent of these include:

  • Drowsy Driving – Drowsy driving is an extremely serious issue. Truckers who are deprived of sleep or drowsy will mirror behaviors such as impaired judgement and/or coordination, slower response times and/or reduced visual acuity.
  • Lane Changing – Trucks need a lot of space to switch lanes and truck drivers need to make sure they have space to make lane adjustments securely. If a truck signals a lane change, other riders should use additional caution.
  • Tailgating – Tailgating or following a truck too closely can trigger a rear-end accident, if the trucker applies the brakes.
  • Equipment Malfunction – Design or manufacturing defects in commercial trucks frequently involve the following components e.g. tires, brakes, signals, suspension system etc.
  • Reckless Driving – Truckers often have tight schedules, which can cause them to speed up or make maneuvers that are dangerous.
  • Driving under the influence – DUI is extremely hazardous, and the results can be disastrous, if it contributes to a truck accident.
  • Road Hazard – Sudden hazards like potholes and road debris can cause truckers to lose control of the vehicle and lead to dangerous accident.


Not only are these accidents disastrous, they are also very complicated from a legal point of view, as there are typically numerous parties that can be held responsible for injury and death. Victims have the right to hold the at-fault party responsible in the case of a truck accident and seek compensation for all resulting injuries and economic losses. But who’s liable for that?

The top parties that may be held responsible for a big rig accident are:

  • Truck drivers, who make dangerous road choices.
  • Trucking companies, who fail to regulate drivers or promote bad behavior.
  • Tractor trailer manufacturers, who makes poorly made components of trucks.
  • Government agencies, who fail to fix damaged roads.

However, it may be that more than one group is responsible. In these cases, they are both liable for the losses that are found to have directly resulted from their role in the crash.


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