Insurances companies are businesses to make profit. Their business model is to earn more and more money through premiums and then pay as little as possible through any claims. This article breaks down 5 of the most common ways insurance companies will try to trick you after an auto accident.

Trick#1 –  Initial offer from the insurance company

Insurance adjusters reach out to you as soon as a claim gets reported. They approach disguised as a good guy convincing you that they have your best interest at heart. After an accident it sounds good to hear that someone has your best interest in mind and is there to help. This is when you fall prey to insurance companies. They attempt to settle the claim with an offer to pay your medical bills and an additional thousand dollars or so. Once you accept the offer they make you sign some forms and use it later to forfeit your legal rights. Your injuries may affect you for longer than you thought so don’t accept any offer without speaking to personal injury attorney.

Trick#2 –  Recorded Statement

You begin receiving calls from insurance companies right after the accident. The staff of the insurance company are taught to guide you in your statements and may attempt to get you to make wrong admissions or statements in order to reduce the compensation amount they later have to pay. Before making any statements, it is essential that you talk to an attorney.

Trick#3 –  Third Party’s Insurance blaming you for auto accident

Despite not being at fault, third party’s insurance investigators will always try to prove you’re liable for the accident. Or they can trick you into accepting that you may have been partially liable for the accident. Avoid giving any statement to insurance companies before you speak to a personal injury attorney.

Trick#4 –  Denying your injuries are serious or even exist

If you were injured and couldn’t see doctors for any reason after the accident, then insurance company will use it against you and claim you weren’t really hurt. If you are involved in a low impact collision and visiting your doctor a lot, they’ll argue you’re exaggerating your injuries. To ensure you do receive the deserved compensation, along with seeking immediate medical attention you also need immediate legal representation of your case after the accident.

Trick#5 – Ask you to hire their attorney

Insurance company would never want you to have an experienced personal injury attorney by your side. They ‘ll coax you to hire an attorney through them. Don’t commit mistake of hiring a personal injury attorney referred by insurance company as they’ll work in favour of insurance companies not for you.

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