If you got injured as a result of a Malfunctioning or Defective Bird scooter, our Harvard Law Graduate Attorney at Farahi Law Firm will help you file a claim against Bird to recover compensation for your injuries and other damages.

In spite of the fact that the law requires vehicle drivers to have liability protection, there is no such prerequisite for electric bike riders. Apart from common driving related issues, there can be accidents because of the defective or malfunctioning product. If the Bird scooter malfunctions or any defect or issue arises during the ride, it may result in a major accident with severe injuries, as the rider can be caught completely off guard and may not be able to react to the sudden issue.

Some of the ways the scooter can be defective includes:

  • Brakes Malfunction: Proper brakes functioning is very crucial as Bird scooters can travel up to 15mph. If brakes are faulty and you’re unable to stop, it can cause a severe crash.
  • Bad Batteries: Batteries can overheat and could catch fire.
  • Fault in Electronics: As these scooters are electric, they need regular maintenance to prevent the software & hardware issues leading to sudden scooter malfunctions.
  • Tire Issues: Flat or improperly filled tires can cause you to lose control and fall even on small potholes.
  • Defective Throttle Button: It can get struck resulting in the rider being unable to slowdown and can lead to an accident.
  • Damaged Footboard: If the footboard is damaged, it can cause the rider to fall off during the trip because of the sudden misbalance.
  • Broken or Bent Handlebars: These electric scooters are often found lying on the ground due to the lack of proper parking regulations. This can damage the handlebars, making it difficult for the driver to keep the scooter stable.


Bird Company is required to pay close attention to these issues and should have a well-managed service system for its electric scooter for safer rides.


A malfunctioning or defective Bird scooter may result in a serious accident causing injuries that can affect you and your family for the rest of your life. Get our experienced Bird scooter accident attorneys at Farahi Law Firm, APC for the best legal representation of your case. Call us for a free consultation today: (310) 774 4500