Who is liable for injuries caused by a Bird Scooter? This is one big question in conversations among victims and people having negative encounters with these rented scooters. If you got injured in a Bird scooter accident, with our Harvard Law Graduate Attorney on your side, get an outstanding legal representation of your personal injury claim.

Few common types of electric scooter accidents:

  • Bird Scooter driver hit by another vehicle.
  • Pedestrians hit by a Bird Scooter rider.
  • Pedestrians tripping on abandoned electric scooters.
  • Bird Scooter crash due to road hazards like potholes
  • Crash due to malfunctioned or defective Bird scooter.


you got injured after getting involved in any of the above scenarios you may be entitled to an injury claim. Now the question is who pays for your damages in such accidents involving an electric scooter? Well, like any other personal injury claim here too it depends upon who was at fault? So who’s liable for injuries caused by a bird scooter? The simple answer to your question is both Bird and the scooter renter may be held liable for injuries caused by the scooter’s use under conventional standards of item obligation and carelessness. In spite of the fact that the law requires vehicle drivers to have risk protection, electric scooter riders are not required to have liability insurance.

Who is at fault?

  • Bird rider is legally accountable for your injuries: their insurance company may cover your claim.
  • Another vehicle driver’s negligence resulted in injury to a scooter rider: The vehicle driver’s auto insurance carrier will pay for your claim.
  • Defective or malfunctioned scooter caused you injury: Bird’s insurance may pay for your damages.
  • Pothole or other road defects cause injury to riders: City may be at fault and liable to pay for the injury claim.
  • If a pedestrian is at fault for injuries suffered by a scooter rider: Pedestrian’s insurance may pay.


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