Social Media can destroy your personal injury claim if not handled cautiously in the event that you have been injured in an accident. An accomplished personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can enable you to choose what data ought to be shared and what ought to stay private so that your social media posts do not hurt your case.

Social network is among the best and worst creations of our contemporary society. It has significantly transformed our lives and how we interact with one another and the world around us. The Pew Research Center has analyzed that Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram top the charts as widely used social media network with millions of users in America and majority of them visiting these platforms on daily basis. Since such a significant number of individuals utilize different types of online networking every day, running a web-based social networking pursuit of customers different gatherings and witnesses is presently viewed as the base level of due persistence expected of a skillful litigator.

Indeed, even a fast check of somebody’s Facebook page may uncover open data that can break a case. For instance, the offended party affirmed in testimony that she has barely gone out of home due her injuries, while her Facebook exhibits pictures of her dancing with her friends in a Friday club party. The defense will for sure create an issue of it and will try to make the plaintiff look bad. Hence with your single incautious action social media can destroy your personal injury claim.

California state rules of evidence allow parties in personal injury cases to request access to information relevant to the case, including social media accounts. A personal injury lawyer may advise a client pre-litigation to change privacy settings on the client’s social media pages so that they are not publicly accessible. Provided that there is no violation of the rules or substantive law pertaining to the preservation and/or spoliation of evidence, the lawyer also may advise that a client remove information relevant to the foreseeable proceeding from social media pages as long as the social media information or data is preserved. It may be in your best interest to simply minimize the use of social media accounts while your personal injury case is pending. Avoid posting any update related to your accident or that can influence your claim.

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