One of the more devastating and painful injuries to sustain in a car accident in Virginia is a broken back. A broken back is a broad term for dislocated or fractured vertebrae in 4 specific sections of the spine. This type of injury can lead to not only expensive medical bills but a lengthy time off from work.

The outcome of a broken back injury depends on the area of the break and the severity of damage. If the back injury also includes damage to the spinal cord, there is the risk that an individual could also suffer neurological damage such as paralysis.

A broken back will more than likely require surgery, but treatments will be based on the specific vertebras affected and the extent of the damage. Unfortunately back injuries can lead to disability and an inability to return to work for either a long period of time or potentially not at all.

Treatment expenses and loss of income due to a broken back injury may be recoverable through a Virginia personal injury claim when another person’s negligence caused your injury. A Manassas personal injury attorney can evaluate the details surrounding your car accident to determine if you have a valid claim, and if so, how to proceed.

These types of claims are often complicated, especially without legal help. Consulting with a Manassas personal injury attorney should be your next step after sustaining a serious or permanent injury due to the negligent actions or inactions of another party.

Contacting a Manassas Personal Injury Attorney 

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